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    Monthly Archives: December 2010

    For over two years now I have known this day was coming. Even before Ellen and Dan had set romantic eyes on each other I had a hunch that before I returned home from overseas Ellen would meet the man of her dreams. I even told this to Ellen the last time we enjoyed a cup of tea together before I hopped on a plane set for Africa. So when I checked my facebook messages and sitting in my inbox was a message from El’s with the subject saying  “You told me so….!!” I immediately knew what it meant. All I needed to know was who was this special man who had captured El’s heart…. Thankfully my mind was put to rest and my heart skipped a beat when I read the words “and it’s Dan.”

    Since then I have seen love bloom, faith grow and a relationship blossom that will make its mark on the world with a twinkle in its step and so much love to share with this world. They are the perfect coming together of two people, It’s almost as if someone planned it that way! For their wedding this was just the case! Dan with his love of all things urban, coffee and professional polish and Ellen with her love of all things pretty, sweet and the finer details of life. I knew that with camera in hand I would capture the beginnings of a beautiful story for the ages.

    Enjoy xoxo


    I am completely overwhelmed and overcome with gratitude and love for most precious gift ever given. It was a baby boy. Born two thousand years ago and his humble birth changed history. This small precious bundle was like any other child, fragile, innocent, creation at its finest. It’s his birthday we celebrate today. When you see at the presents under the tree and unwrap gifts lovingly bought for you I pray that today you remember the greatest gift ever given. He was given with more love than you could ever imagine.  Has more value than you can ever behold. More thought, meaning and wonder was put into this gift so that it would be the perfect gift for each and every person ever born.

    He, a fragile child, was born and the gift he gave was life, love, hope, redemption.

    As I took photo’s of Cody this week I couldn’t stop thinking how much of a precious gift he is. So small, so perfect. This little boy has a whole life ahead of him where he will grow, experience life and make his mark on the world. He will have many more Christmas days to celebrate, but this is his first where the gift of his life will be treasured. It still baffles me that God chose to give us His greatest treasure, His son. That  pure perfection was born and trusted into the arms of his mother and father to be cared for. He was a tiny, delicate baby boy. He is our true gift and if you don’t know about this gift I promise you it is a life changing gift of love and pray for receive this gift to its full, if you do know this gift then I pray that you know the true Joy it brings.

    Merry Christmas, enjoy your gifts and say happy birthday to the baby that its all about.


    Every Christmas eve I go to church. Twice actually! Its all kicked off with a Christmas Eve Musical featuring lots of gorgeous little cows, sheep and even a chicken. Not to mention the dancing angels, wise men, some small and not so small shepherds and even a donkey. Its Christmas cuteness at its finest. We sing, the kids dance and put on a performance that tells us the story of Christmas through their eyes. After catching up with friends old and new, giving out candy canes (the tasty ones) and enjoying a Christmas drink, I always make my way back to Church to sing in Christmas with candlelit Jazz Carols. It’s my favourite service of the year. The ambiance, the sense of awe, the love, the joy and a peacefulness that captures the true meaning of Christmas. Despite the mad Christmas rush and chaos that always seems to be there before Christmas, this night always seems to be a deep breath for my soul where I stop, relax and enjoy the joy of Christmas.

    Its my Christmas Eve tradition which I adore. So tonight if you have some space in your dairy or just want to enjoy a carol or two, some lovely honey biscuits and some Christmas Joy come and join me.

    The Journey Uniting Church, Golden Grove 6:30pm and 11:00 (or Christmas morning at 9am)


    Once in my life it would be lovely to have a white Christmas just the song suggests. I have seen the magic of a white Christmas in movies and on Christmas cards, it makes me want to buy a ticket to somewhere snowy wear layers and layers of clothes topped off with a reindeer knitted cardigan, build snowmen and carol outdoors by a real Christmas tree in a town like stars hollow.

    While this would be a treat I am an Aussie girl and love our hot summer Christmas Days, carols by candle light under gum trees, Christmas backyard cricket as a precursor to boxing day test cricket, pool parties, late nights spend on a balmy summers eve at the beach, gorgeous country towns all lit up in lights where you watch live nativities in your summer clothes and eat strawberries and ice cream. Where Sand replaces snow, beer and white wine replace egg nog and the dress code is shorts and a t-shirt or a pretty summers dress.

    An Aussie Christmas goes on and on, it’s a celebration into the new years, full of laughter, playfulness and bright blue skies. So in honour of the gift that an Aussie Christmas in summer is, I give you Summer and Haileigh in one of the most iconic backgrounds of the Australian Festive Season… The beach! Enjoy the laughter, the playfulness and the sun shiny days of this Christmas and of Summer and Haileigh.


    I sit with Mike, Jenny and Thom by the pool as I write today’s blog, which is a collaboration from the four of us. See today’s favourite thing is something that we all spend a lot of time doing. Its something that inspires us, challenges us, tires us out and makes (at least Mike and I) realise how old we are getting… As I wrote that Mike just hits a tennis ball at my head and splashes my laptop with water, so his oldness is definitely in body not spirit! Its about all the amazing, wonderful, crazy and sometimes ridiculous teenagers who fill our Friday nights. To describe a little of what this is like here is a quote from Mike:

    “Dealing with youth is like catching a wallaby, never pull their tail, don’t make eye contact and don’t spit at their mothers.”

    Amongst all the fun and hilarity we have seen some of the most inspiring, generous and courageous people grow up in front of us. This is why we put our bodies to their limits every week, It’s a gift, even if sometimes we ask if there is a returns policy!

    Here is a glimpse of what we are talking about….

    S e a r c h