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    Monthly Archives: January 2012

    Most of Adelaide is wishing they were at or lucky enough to be at  Adelaide Oval watching the Australia Day Test. The scoreboard is currently clicking over as Australia dominates and runs keep getting put next to Ponting and Clarke’s names.

    On the 9th of December the iconic scoreboard held the names of another amazing partnership, Kate and Billy. Along with the Botanic Gardens, Adelaide Oval was the arena for the amazing wedding of two funny, friendly and great people who make an outstanding match for each other.

    I had an absolute blast. Not only did I get to play on the field doing what I love but I got to share it with Nicole a photographer who I have recently teamed up with and a bridal party that was awesome. They were constantly laughing, having fun and making my job so easy. These jack of all trade groomsmen need a special shout out! With most of them being fire fighters and a plumber or two thrown in they are used to coming to the aid of a damsel in distress and I was that damsel when I ran over a nail and got a flat in the middle of the bridal shoot. These guys didn’t hesitate to change my tire and looked mighty fine doing it all suited up!

    It was such a great wedding and I thoroughly recommend that if you are lucky enough to have your wedding at Adelaide Oval do it because it is a fantastic venue with the most magnificent backdrop and it framed the wedding of this perfect partnership so wonderfully.

    Hope you enjoy,

    Carly xoxo


    One of my favourite things about photographing families is over time you get to know them as you photograph their many different stages of life. Seeing their stories unfold and the kids grow is truly special. So it was even more special for me to photograph Liselle and Ben’s wedding as they are one of my many families I photographed and to get the privilege of telling this story, their wedding story was truly a blessing. This is a couple whose love grew from friendship and a shared love of music and adventure.

    One of the most special elements for me were the photographs of their parents and grandparents weddings that were beautifully displayed. When Ben’s grandmothers saw the photographs they were so touched by this gesture. I chatted with them about their love stories, their leading men and their love that lasted. That is my hope for Ben and Liselle that your love lasts, grows and is shared with your family as it continues to grow.


    Carly xoxo


    Anyone who knows me knows I have an eclectic style. I recently just turned an old oak door into an outdoor table purely as it was a quirky cute idea that adds a nice touch to my bright coloured back garden. So when I knew that Alexis and Tom’s wedding would involve B&B’s and wineries at McLaren Vale as well as one of my favourite beaches to shoot, Port Willunga, I was a truly happy girl. When I arrived I was only more impressed, Black Rabbit B&B provided a picture everywhere you could look and so did this gorgeous bride and her bridesmaids who know how to have a good time.

    Alexis’ dress hung in the window, makeup was being done and an impromptu photo shoot in the bathroom made for amazing photos that only got better as the day went on. I think that’s just like these two, they are fun, spontaneous and up for a great laugh and love their friends and family and most of all each other.  In my opinion these make the best kinds of photos as it reflects these two and the people they love as they know and love them. So enjoy,

    Carly xoxo



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