Monthly Archives: March 2012

Canon 5D Mark iii

I’m not someone who usually writes reviews or talks all technical about cameras, although I probably should know more techie bits and bobs than I do thanks to all my years working at Ted’s camera store… Insert shameless plug for all your camera needs here….. I do however know what I like and I FREAKING…

Indie + Misha

I love little girls and little babies, especially when we get to dress up and play! On this gorgeous little shoot with two very beautiful little girls I got to do exactly that. Little Indie was a true delight, sleeping so soundly as I snapped away and got some truly breathtaking photos, Enjoy, Carly

Olivia + James

I first met Helen, Russel and James about 18 months ago when I did James’ new born shoot….  His eyes and gorgeous lashes won me over and seeing him grow into such a gorgeous little boy has been a pleasure. So when Helen emailed me to say that she had another bundle of cutness for…

Erin + Mike

Erin and Mike had one of those really fun weddings and really fun bridal party’s. The beach played backdrop to this gorgeous event and featured in a gorgeous sunset photoshoot of this lovely bride and groom. I was a happy photographer, getting in the water sitting on the sand and playing while these two shared…

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