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    Monthly Archives: March 2012

    I’m not someone who usually writes reviews or talks all technical about cameras, although I probably should know more techie bits and bobs than I do thanks to all my years working at Ted’s camera store… Insert shameless plug for all your camera needs here….. I do however know what I like and I FREAKING LOVE THE Canon 5d Mark iii

    Why you might ask?

    It is simply stunning to take photos with, so easy to navigate, the 61 point auto focus totally rocks my world and is super easy to select exactly where you want to focus AND its low light performance is incredible.

    I plucked it out of its box on Friday all ready to be my date to the double wedding weekend I had and by the end of Saturday I have started calling it my new partner because I know we will be joined at the hip going on many adventures together and because just like a good man should this camera made me walk away simply glowing. The photos were that good it was like a boost to my self esteem. I know it’s just the camera but I felt like I was walking on cloud nine when I saw how incredible these photos looked. I actually felt a little bit sorry for my 5d Mark ii as by the end of these two dates I know he is going to be the slightly cubby not as charming friend of my new love and will spend more time in the camera bag and less time creating magic with me.

    But enough talking I will let these unedited images, that dont use any form of flash just the Mark iii and some gorgeous Canon lenses, speak for themselves (and unedited they will be until I figure out how to update my CS5 camera raw plugin but when they look this good who needs photoshop)

    Oh and Danielle and Greg this isnt your proper sneak peek… There are still so many photos to come


    I love little girls and little babies, especially when we get to dress up and play! On this gorgeous little shoot with two very beautiful little girls I got to do exactly that. Little Indie was a true delight, sleeping so soundly as I snapped away and got some truly breathtaking photos, Enjoy, Carly


    I first met Helen, Russel and James about 18 months ago when I did James’ new born shoot….  His eyes and gorgeous lashes won me over and seeing him grow into such a gorgeous little boy has been a pleasure. So when Helen emailed me to say that she had another bundle of cutness for me to photograph I was over the moon! Little Olivia was so photogeenic and such a good little bub to photograph and James was my very helpful camera assistant who was always there to copy my crazy sounds, hand me baskets and toys and just be oh so cute. So i though I would share a few of these gorgeous pics with you, Enjoy, Carly


    In keeping with Leanne’s wedding speech I though I would do 10 things I loved about Leanne and Adam’s wedding.

    1. A bride that just beamed the whole day and who I felt was a dear friend by the end of it.

    2. The wall paper in Leanne’s parents Laundry and all the other 70’s features that were so fun to photograph.

    3. Great ‘moves’ from the groomsmen. It kept me laughing all day

    4. Kids with camera’s. There were so many little ones running around with a camera in their hand snapping away. I love seeing children getting creative and just quietly Michael has a very good eye.

    5. Stoney Leanne and Adam’s dog.

    6. Golf carts…. I seriously love them!

    7. Royal Adelaide Gold Course. Great staff, service and so many places to photograph. Recommend them to anyone looking for a fun and picturesque venue.

    8. Cubbies, Cars, Pirate ships and all things Kiddie

    9. A smile booth that was hilarious… Seriously check out the photo and tag yourself on facebook.

    10. A couple who has such a gorgeous and genuine love for one another.

    I could also put in there Thermomix sales, amazing moves on the dance floor, friendly banter between Ali and John, Ford cars (i drive a Kia Rio so clearly I am not  to much of a car person but this one and the story behind it was great), the adorable flower girl Lucy and great vegetarian food from the Chef at RAGC but I said I would keep it to ten so I will leave you by saying I loved this wedding and love the photos.

    Hope you enjoy,



    Erin and Mike had one of those really fun weddings and really fun bridal party’s. The beach played backdrop to this gorgeous event and featured in a gorgeous sunset photoshoot of this lovely bride and groom. I was a happy photographer, getting in the water sitting on the sand and playing while these two shared some gorgeous moments alone together for the first time as husband and wife and the sun set so gorgeously behind them. It was a delight to shoot and a delight to be part of their special day.



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