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    Monthly Archives: March 2012

    One of my favourite things to photograph are kids, I truly adore it! Its so much fun they get to play, explore the garden, get excited and smile lots and I do the same! I love creating gorgeous scenarios and scenes to photograph then letting kids be kids in them and when Im not photographing wedding this is exactly what im doing. I actually do it all the time but usually don’t share the photos with the big wide world. These two kidlets are a little different…

    Grace is my oh so adorable and oh so chatty God Daughter who you might say has me wrapped her around her finger and her little Bro Charlie is working his magic to with his ever present smile! Since Grace was 5 hours old I have had a lens in this kids face. For the first 10 minutes she loves it, its undivided Aunty Carly time (after that she may roll her eyes and then say “OK Aunty Carly” which means my magic has worn off). But in 10 minutes you can get so much! 25 photos actually! That’s what I got of Grace  yesterday as I was trying out something new. I also tricked a sick little Charlie into a 10 minute photo shoot to and I got some funny shots from this usually much more smiley boy!

    I thought I would share some of the photos and. Enjoy there cuteness and I promise to put some more little cuties up soon!


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