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Kirsty + Shannon

What you are about to see is serious photo overload…. There are lots! I struggled to cut them down to this many as there was easily another 50 I could have shared with you. I blame Shannon and Kirsty for being so funny and photogenic. There wedding was such a laugh and the entire bridal…

  • Susan Guest - your amazing 🙂 the pictures are gorgeous!

  • Heather Bailey - Fabulous pics’ gorgeous bride, handsome groom what more could anyone want? Wish we could have been there, it looks to have been an amazing day. Why no pics’ of Maria, was she not able to stand up? xxxxx

  • Fee Watt - Absolutely great photo’s, Poses and settings wonderful. Where was Maria? (Under the table hiding?)

  • Maxine Mckeown - they are beautiful xxx

  • Jay Maria Stephenson - These are just a taster there’s more to come

Ben + Lisa

I was looking for this little blog to show a magazine editor and couldn’t find it anywhere, until I looked in the draft section on my wordpress admin panel and found it hidden away. I didn’t want to put the baby in a corner any more so without further ado the gorgeous wedding of Lisa…

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  • Carly Stirling - Love this wedding!

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