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    Monthly Archives: November 2012

    I was so looking forward to Ben and Angel’s wedding. Their engagement shoot was a taster of what was to come. As we caught up and ate Lindt chocolate and the facebook messages passed back and forward I was getting even more excited. You see while I love every wedding I photograph the ones that are personalised, creative and encorperate your friends, family and culture truly get me all smiles and creative juices flowing.

    Angel and Ben’s wedding had all of these things and a little bit more! I got to share with them and their families in their traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony, watch Ben and his mates make fools of themselves in this Chinese tradition that makes men prove their manliness so they can get access to the bride to marry her. Now I am not sure the challenges were very manly but they were definitely funny. Then we had a gorgeous ceremony in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens that was sealed with a kiss and a prayer and it was off to the bridal party photos.

    Ben a keen bowler had bowled at Norwood bowl for 15 years and my mum has bowled there also (in a different league filled with women who love to chat and my 22 year old brother who has them wrapped around his finger). I used to go to Norwood bowl as a kid and play in the creche and drink slush puppies so when the idea popped up to go their for wedding photos I was all for this! The launch of the revamped King Pin Bowling was the same week and I was so impressed with the place and the staff and the fact that they let us bowl a strike or two. I didn’t as I knew just where the ball would end up… In the gutter.

    From their we played with wild horses (keep an eye out for the horse getting a little to close to Ben, a new favourite pic of mine). smelt the roses, played in wine cellars, ate, drank, celebrated and danced the night away at The Adelaide Wine Centre. My feet were tired by the end but my heart was full and as I drove home I was blissfully happy.

    Hope you enjoy,

    Carly xoxo

    CEREMONY: Adelaide Botanic Gardens

    RECEPTION: National Wine Centre

    PHOTOS: King Pin Bowl, Norwood & Adelaide Arcade

    FLOWERS: Branch Out Flowers

    HAIR/MAKEUP: Crystal Tam


    It’s the return of the netball girls in this little blog. That’s right the girls from Brett and Tara’s wedding return. This time for Renee and Jamie’s wedding. Once again it did not disappoint and the dance floor was moving long into the night. Set amongst the stunning gardens of Stangate House in Aldgate this ceremony was sweet, full of laughs and even the local wildlife got in on the act. The day just flowed so smoothly and by the end I was truly in love with this couple and this oh so sweet bride. One of my favourite wedding moments ever happened at their reception where Renee’s Grandfather recorded a song for the beautiful couple.I was seriously crying whilst listening to it! The whole day was fabulous and I cant wait to do the next netball girls wedding… The question is who will the lucky lady be?

    Enjoy, Love Carly xoxo

    CEREMONY: Stangate House, Aldgate

    RECEPTION: Osmond Tce Function Centre



    I first photographed Lindsay and Daniella with their two gorgeous little girls earlier this year (look here).  They thought they would treat themselves to an anniversary shoot and get some updated photos that were, fun, vintage, included lots of pretty detail (including Daniella’s love for shoes) as well her amazing talent for cooking… Yes I gave into my sweet tooth on this one and enjoyed some vanilla macaroons with caramel butter filling, for the record they were amazing and Daniella you can have me over for cupcakes, cookies or dinner anytime!

    It was such a great day and the fields of Stirling and the old train yard at Mt Barker acted as a perfect backdrop to this adorable shoot that I just adored photographing.

    Enjoy, Love Carly xoxo

    S e a r c h