Adam + Chantelle

Sometimes you get those wedding that you are so excited to shoot. You hear all about the theme, the details, the dress, the locations and you are in creative overload with all the possibilities. So when I met with Chantelle and Adam early last year I  was in heaven when  Chantelle was sharing the ideas for  t their day, from the boys wearing suspenders to the three different vintage cars but I have to they had me at pinwheels…. From that point on I knew I wanted to do this wedding and was so thrilled when they said will you take our photos and of course  I said I will.

The day to shoot this wedding finally came. It was a gorgeous sun kissed day that just added the icing on the cake to what as an amazingly fun wedding where my memory cards got a work out due to my creative oasis this wedding provided and was made even better by their first dance which was the funniest I have ever seen and made me love the dance scene from Napoleon Dynamite even more.

So here it is… Chantelle and Adam’s Wedding

I hope you enjoy,

Carly xoxo

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