Beautiful Blooms

I absolutely adore fresh flowers. Having them in my home makes me smile and gets the creative juices flowing. I’m notusually getting the bouquets you see around the place. No I am more happy with a poesy of baby’s breath, some hand picked flowers from a friends garden, gorgeous peonies or anything a bit whimsical. Yes Whimsical is how I would describe my flower love.

I come across a lot of flowers in my job and there are so many amazing florists out there. One that takes my breath away every time is Fabulous Functions. So Since I love their work so much I though I would share the vendor love with all of you and here is three stunning reasons why.

Exhibit A: The gorgeous blooms from Chantelle and Adam’s Wedding

Exhibit B: Dan and Nicole’s Wedding in the Adelaide Hills

Exhibit C: Jess and Darren’s colourful affair

So if you are looking for some gorgeous wedding flowers check out Fabulous Functions and If you are looking to brighten up someones day go  buy some flowers just to make them smile… Do it  (even if its just a treat for yourself)!

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