Bec and Tyson {sneak peek}

For anyone who knows my creative streak they know that I love to take things that may not be seen to everyone else as the obvious choice and find the pretty in it. Like dirty alley ways or old stone walls that we pass everyday I like to stop and see how I can use it to set the scene for something spectacular. So when Bec said that for her and Tyson’s wedding they were going for a vintage theme but with a twist of street I lapped up the idea and the gorgeous Ebenezer Place and East End of Adelaide sprang to mind. Once we added in divine old churches, vintage bikes, boutique stores, Belgium beer and four fabulously fun people in the bridal party (and some pretty cute kids) this wedding photography was a true delight to my creative senses!  It was one of those weddings that I was sad it was all over as I could have easily danced the night away camera in hand with these two love birds! Hope you enjoy the shots … I just adore them!!!

Carly xoxox

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