Bill + Abbi

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a macaroon wedding tree.

I looked at my calendar this morning and realised that it is December 12th. Yep only 12 days to get those last minute Christmas gifts, edit some cute videos for our churches Christmas Eve Musical and about 4000 photos, get all the photos to my amazing brides, shop, cook and plan for a Christmas lunch I am hosting, attend a baby shower, carols by candle light, a Christmas party or two, wrap a gazillion Christmas presents, spend time with my family who are down for Christmas, create magical memories on a few photo shoots and if that wasn’t enough I remembered its 12 days before Christmas and time to share with you a blog a day in keeping with my 12 Days of Christmas tradition. I do this because I LOVE Christmas. Adore it! It is the time we create memories, share with loved ones and bring joy into the lives of other so this year I hope these beautiful blogs and brides bring you joy and may your Christmas be truly blessed.

Much Love Carly xoxo

Abbi and Bill’s wedding was at the stunning National Wine Centre set amongst the golden leaves of the courtyard, rattan balls adorned tress, a red carpet and fresh flowers adored the isle as Abbi walked down the Aisle to meet Bill, her love. When they met a few years earlier at a chance meeting their families happened to be there and from the start everyone knew this was a love that would last the ages. Not only do they love and cherish each other but they know how to have fun together, as you will see with these stunning photos. Everything about Abbi on the day was spectacular, she looked a million dollars and her hair OMG! I had a dream photographing these two and dancing on into the night.

Hope you enjoy this stunning couple and their wedding.


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