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Lindsay + Daniella

On the 5th day of Christmas my true love gave to me a five reason to smile, four spinning wheels, three white flowers, two pink flamingos and a macaroon wedding tree.

I have been waiting to show you these photos. This was the winner of our comp a few months back Daniella and her family. The photos couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. It was spring, the forrest was springing forth with new life and Daniella was about to be as she was weeks away from having her forth baby. We took the opportunity to get some wonderful family and baby bump shots that warm my heart. I want to have little girls so I can have photos just like this!

I cant wait to meet the new edition to the fam, a little boy named Isaiah who is a cutie like his sisters.

So enjoy these beauties.

Love Carly xoxo

Grace + Charlie

I was so excited to have the opportunity to photograph my  favourite family. I knew it would have some challenges (mostly in the form of a bubbly constantly moving two year old commonly known as Charlie) but with this family I knew it would be a real laugh.

Jenny and I headed up to Houghton to get some gorgeous maternity shots and the family came to meet us for a frolic in the field as I snapped away. My snapping was very quick and there was lots of running involved to keep up with Charlie but as usual Grace dazzled with her smile and gorgeous blue eyes and Jenny looked stunning, can you believe she is eight months pregnant!

For those of you who know this amazing family I think these photos here are pretty accurate to what they are like…. Fun, playful, beautiful, funny, affectionate and full of love.

Enjoy these photos and I can guarantee there will probably be some more pics featuring these two little ones and their new baby brother or sister very soon.



  • Rebecca Trestrail - So beautiful! I didn’t know Jenny was expecting her third bub. Congrats Jenny 🙂

  • Sarah Diment - Gorgeous photos Carly, perfect!

  • Tracy Morris - These are so seriously beautiful I welled up a little. Awesome job Carly x

  • Karla Brown - Wow Carly these are fantastic! What a beautiful family!!! I want so many of these pics 🙂 xxx

  • Erica Diment - Absolutely beautiful. Inside and out.

  • Kimberly Gilmour - Gorgeous photos carly, looks like it was a fun photoshoot!

  • Sarah Baldwin - Carly these are just beautiful 🙂

  • LiznGeoff Diment - These are so wonderful and you really captured our precious family! Well done Carly Stirling.

  • Jenny Wichert - Stunning pics!!

  • Jasmin Skene - Jenny you stunner!

  • Jasmin Skene - Such a stunner!

Oliver {on the twelfth day of Christmas}

 On the twelfth day of Christmas Carly showed to me twelve teddy bears, eleven precious poses, ten angelic angels, nine swinging carriages, eight smiling faces, seven peach peonies, six feet of air, five months of waiting, four tiers of utopia, three timeless kisses, two twins cuddling and a ready made family.

It’s after midnight, 12:49 as a matter of fact. Its Christmas day. My twelfth day of Christmas should have been posted on Christmas eve but I was so busy buying food for Christmas festivities, wrapping last minute gifts, editing photos for people to share with loved ones on Christmas day, inviting friends into my home just because, running a Christmas Eve musical and singing in Christmas with jazz carols at my church that I just didn’t have time to post this blog on Christmas Eve but for that I am actually glad. Because the true gift is shared Christmas day.

Oliver  with his rosy cheeks and gorgeous smile was an absolute joy to photograph. It was sheer luck that a gorgeous baby with a big red bow on his bum (you will see the pic in a minute) was also the little boy who sat on a bridge with twelve teddy bears. I didn’t know that he would be my twelfth day nor that there was even twleve teddy bears sitting beside him. It wasn’t planned at all, it just happened to be the number we placed there but I thing its a poetic coincidence that it is a special little boy that I share with you Christmas day.

For me it was a little boy that is my true Christmas gift. It was a gift not just given to me but to all. This perfect little boy was born, he was given the name Jesus, and it is because of the love he shared with us all we celebrate Christmas day. It is my reason for all I do and I am so thankful for all I have, for the many blessings in my life, for my friends and family. I am thankful for the gift of my life and for the best gift ever given to me by a little boy so many years ago.

So enjoy this little boy Oliver as my Christmas gift to you and may your stockings be filled with Christmas love this Christmas morn.

Merry Christmas,




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  • Sandra O'Leary - Love these photos, fantastic shots!

Amelia + Saskia {on the eleventh day of Christmas}

On the eleventh day  of Christmas Carly showed to me eleven precious poses, ten angelic angels, nine swinging carriages, eight smiling faces, seven peach peonies, six feet of air, five months of waiting, four tiers of utopia, three timeless kisses, two twins cuddling and a ready made family.

I adore babies but especially twins so I have been in photographic heaven lately especially since I had the pleasure of shooting two perfect little girls Amelia and Saskia. Much love, prayer and nurture were given to these two before they were born and that is only going to increase as these two grow up to be all God created them to be.

This shoot was done on their birth date so I go to share a special day with the girls who came into this world early. These perfect little girls put on a show and Jullian their older brother as well as mum and dad joined in on the fun as well to get what are some of my favourite shots of the year, decade… EVER!!!!

I hope you enjoy these little gems!


  • Serah Douglas - That family shots going straight in the pool room!! Love your work Carly, they are amazing!

  • Joel Durbridge - How’s dougy’s blue steel look, model material!! 🙂

  • Amanda Sandell - Amazing photography as always Carly, I can see why they are some of your all time favourites.

  • Margaux Kuhlmann - They are just gorgeous.. Such a beautiful family xoxo

  • Renee Christine Lott - OH MY GOSH, they are the best ever!! The sweetest bought tears to my eyes!! So much nudey

  • Renee Christine Lott - The most beautiful photos! Bought tears to my eyes! Jealous of that family shot, just perfect!!

  • Lauren Bailey - Absolutely gorgeous, well done Carly!

  • Nadine Sadler-Pather - Wow stunning

  • Jessica Smart - WOW Just gorgeous guys!!

  • Kelly Windibank - What a gorgeous photos. Xox

  • Alana Marie St John - Absolutely gorgeous – what perfect little babies and look how adorable Jules is – bless him. Such a lovely family full of cuties!

  • Melanie Pruett Flora - They are so beautiful, Serah!

  • Renee Kym - Serah you have twins! Congrats to you all, they are perfect!

Kids + Smiles {On the eighth day of Christmas}

On the eighth day of Christmas Carly showed to me eight smiling faces, seven peach peonies, six feet of air, five months of waiting, four tiers of utopia, three timeless kisses, two twins cuddling and a ready made family.

I adore kids, everyone who knows me knows this. I find it soothing and relaxing to go on an adventure with a four year old while feeding ducks and patting horses, to to play dress ups and see the make believe story unfold in a child’s mind. That’s why I love kids photography so much and while I usually don’t post to  much of it on here as I like to keep little faces and their smiles just for families at this time of year I cant help but to show you some of the smiling faces I have had the pleasure of playing with and capturing this year.

Some of the pics are fun and quirky others are plain cute, but that’s the great thing about child photo shoots, they are always and adventure and you never know what your going to get….

Parents think back to all those delightful moments when your kids shoots have been a little stressful and they have got peanut butter all over their perfect outfit or ran around so much you got a workout…

When they peed during a nude shot…

When you reward your kids with lolly pops for good behavior and when you get that shot that you know you will hang on the wall, the one where there are big smiles and your child truly shines! This is what child photographers live for…. Otherwise they wouldn’t do it.

So this Christmas season enjoy your kids, squeeze them with cuddles and be sure to have the camera ready cos you never know where the perfect shot will be (it could be when your kids are jumping on the bed while your trying to change the sheets). Carly

  • Sandra O'Leary - Fantastic photos. I LOVE the one with the little girl and your dog, AMAZING!

  • Carly Stirling - Its my God daughter she loves playing dress ups in all my photography props and clothes!

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