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Catherine + George

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting up with Catherine and George at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. It is the setting for their upcoming wedding which I am totally excited about shooting. We chatted over wedding details and life and George and I chatted footy before heading out to take a few engagement shots around the gardens. You will be seeing more of this stunning couple very soon.



Sara + Matt {on the fifth day of Christmas}

On the sixth day of Christmas Carly showed to me five months of waiting, four tiers of utopia, three timeless kisses, two twins cuddling and a ready made family.

The five month of waiting in this blog is two fold I will admit it was mostly the long wait I endured not being able to show these photos to you. It was also the time these two were engaged for. Sara and Matt are two dear friends. I adore them both and very much encouraged these two and their gorgeous romance. They have such a love for each other that it is infectious. They are two of the most thoughtful, generous and adventurous people I know. Personally I think Sara is pretty close to the perfect woman, she is smart, can literally save your life, is truly stunning inside and out, loves being barefoot and sleeping under the stars. We were wondering just who God had in store for this fire twirling princess but when the spear fishing, adventure seeking, God loving Matt set eyes on her it was all over! He wooed his woman, courted her, proposed and after a five months engagement they wed.

For their engagement shoot we wanted to capture them in their fun loving, playful and whimsical glory {and I think we did} It was an absolute blast and the photos truly speak for themselves.

This blog is to show off some gorgeous pics but mostly to celebrate the gift it is when you find that one that you know you were made for.

Enjoy these pics and cherish your special someone.




  • Sandra Milne - Beautiful photos

  • Shelley Dobbin - These photos are truly amazing!

  • Joanna Dowley - beautiful indeed. well captured!

  • Sandra O'Leary - amazing photos

Angel + Ben {e-session}

For anyone who knows about pintrest you will know its a world of virtual fun where its is a visual feast and provides inspiration that makes you want to go out and shop, take a cooking class or become a DIY maverick. My pintrest boards are  filled with pretty lovely and ecclectic bits and bobs that truly warm my heart. So when I got my bride Angel onto pintrest I was delighted to see her pins appear and mimic my creative style and loves. I knew that style wise we would create a perfect pair and it would make photographing this pair’s engagement session oh so easy and oh so delightful. Honestly it was like a real life pintrest. As if I searched ‘ultimate shoot for Carly that incorporates all her favourite things and even involves ice cream and cute blue shoes that I really want’. I have been in creative overload since doing this shoot and truly adore these photos and this couple who I can’t wait to shoot on their big day in October!

Enjoy xoxo

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