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    There is something extra special about photographing the wedding of someone you know. When you get to witness their story unfold it makes their day all the more special.  My knockout of a bride Robyn and I first in year eleven English so you could say I have known her for a while. She is a gorgeous woman inside and out and over the years had grown into a remarkable woman of faith. So it is no surprise that the man who was to capture this woman’s heart was going to be one pretty great guy himself. When “Simono” first contacted Robyn I don’t think he had a clue just how lucky he was going to be for the rest of his life…

    There was chemistry between these two and love quickly followed. After many emails, what I would imagine were huge phone bills, lots of plane trips from Melbourne to Adelaide and a proposal all the plans for the big day started to be made…  The day was stunning and the venue nestled in Houghton in the Adelaide Hills, Glen Ewin Estate was the perfect location for this simple and exquisite wedding.

    The love between these two was tangible and you could tell that they were a match perfectly selected for each other, not only by the compatibility tests of a certain dating site but also by the hand of God.

    Enjoy xoxox


    When I met with Dan and Amy about their upcoming wedding I was so excited by the picture they painted and I was definitely not disappointed. I felt I had stepped onto a set of mad men with crisp suits and barber shop hair. Their were gorgeous details everywhere and laughs galore. Not only did we get to witness their I do’s but have the joy of sharing in a traditional Korean Blessing ceremony to wish this couple love, prosperity and many many children! It was a gorgeous day where the sun shone down to bless these two wonderful people as they became man and wife… Hope you enjoy xoxo


    Once in my life it would be lovely to have a white Christmas just the song suggests. I have seen the magic of a white Christmas in movies and on Christmas cards, it makes me want to buy a ticket to somewhere snowy wear layers and layers of clothes topped off with a reindeer knitted cardigan, build snowmen and carol outdoors by a real Christmas tree in a town like stars hollow.

    While this would be a treat I am an Aussie girl and love our hot summer Christmas Days, carols by candle light under gum trees, Christmas backyard cricket as a precursor to boxing day test cricket, pool parties, late nights spend on a balmy summers eve at the beach, gorgeous country towns all lit up in lights where you watch live nativities in your summer clothes and eat strawberries and ice cream. Where Sand replaces snow, beer and white wine replace egg nog and the dress code is shorts and a t-shirt or a pretty summers dress.

    An Aussie Christmas goes on and on, it’s a celebration into the new years, full of laughter, playfulness and bright blue skies. So in honour of the gift that an Aussie Christmas in summer is, I give you Summer and Haileigh in one of the most iconic backgrounds of the Australian Festive Season… The beach! Enjoy the laughter, the playfulness and the sun shiny days of this Christmas and of Summer and Haileigh.


    Two of the biggest gifts I have ever been given is grace. The grace of God, and The gift from God Grace! She without question is one of my favourite things. From the moment I was sent an mms message of a monkey looking ultra sound pic I was in love. This only grew when I was given permission to dote on her all the more when I was asked to be her God parent. From pregnancy to the round dimpled face walking encyclopaedia she is now I have been there. Even in the middle of Africa I managed to have skype dates with a chubby eight month old baby! Anyone who knows her knows she is a joy and a gift (like most kiddies!). One hug from her and instantly my troubles don’t seem so big and her smile, we that just melts my heart. Little Grace has given me a glimpse of His grace. It’s hard to describe, to put to words, but in Grace I see unconditional love, creation at its finest and the most precious of gifts. I think children can give us a glimmer of his perfect love and grace. I know this one has for me. So today I hope you enjoy beautiful grace!

    S e a r c h