Kids + Smiles {On the eighth day of Christmas}

On the eighth day of Christmas Carly showed to me eight smiling faces, seven peach peonies, six feet of air, five months of waiting, four tiers of utopia, three timeless kisses, two twins cuddling and a ready made family.

I adore kids, everyone who knows me knows this. I find it soothing and relaxing to go on an adventure with a four year old while feeding ducks and patting horses, to to play dress ups and see the make believe story unfold in a child’s mind. That’s why I love kids photography so much and while I usually don’t post to  much of it on here as I like to keep little faces and their smiles just for families at this time of year I cant help but to show you some of the smiling faces I have had the pleasure of playing with and capturing this year.

Some of the pics are fun and quirky others are plain cute, but that’s the great thing about child photo shoots, they are always and adventure and you never know what your going to get….

Parents think back to all those delightful moments when your kids shoots have been a little stressful and they have got peanut butter all over their perfect outfit or ran around so much you got a workout…

When they peed during a nude shot…

When you reward your kids with lolly pops for good behavior and when you get that shot that you know you will hang on the wall, the one where there are big smiles and your child truly shines! This is what child photographers live for…. Otherwise they wouldn’t do it.

So this Christmas season enjoy your kids, squeeze them with cuddles and be sure to have the camera ready cos you never know where the perfect shot will be (it could be when your kids are jumping on the bed while your trying to change the sheets). Carly

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