Christina + Craig


Those who know me well know I love finding things. Discovering a cute store, exploring markets and searching online for that great new website. When I go on these hunts its usually as a result of a quirky idea I have for a new prop or way to decorate my house. I love seeing ordinary everyday things revamped into something beautiful. So when I got to Christina and Craig’s wedding my eyes were bulging out of my head and I was in heaven. Christina like me is a collector. Since her and Craig got engaged she has been searching for details in markets, op shops and using her amazing skills as an event planner as well as some help from her friends at Bliss Events to turn what is already a stunningly gorgeous venue – Al Ru Farm into  one of the most delightfully decorated weddings I have had the pleasure of photographing.

What made this wedding even more beautiful was that it was filled with the warmth of Christina and Craig’s dearly loved friends and family. The smiles were beaming all day, especially from the groom (Christina I see why you fell for that smile). I truly loved this wedding and hope you do to…


Carly xoxo

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