Dan + Nicole

I always try to find out how my brides and grooms first met and since hearing Dan and Nicole’s story I have had a craving for macaroons. Why? Because macaroons are delicious melt in your mouth treats that look so pretty. And because its a crucial ingredient to how these two ended up going on their first date. Both were trying new recipes, Dan a souffles and Nicole macaroons, both had never cooked these before and Dan though he would raise the stakes. If he cooked the better dessert he got to take Nicole out on a date. I never asked if she threw the competition but Dan’s souffles won and he clearly swept Nicole off her feet. What girl wouldn’t be., Dan is a true romantic, sending flowers, taking Nicole out to brunch and even planning a surprise honeymoon that he kept secret until they checked in at the airport (for those wondering the gorgeous Island of Majorca in Spain was the destination).

Their day was truly special and I adored all the personal touches even down to the homemade olive oil these two gave their guests. There were smiles all around and Nicole was radiant. Even with the rain it was a bright and cheery day that I truly enjoyed being part of. Enjoy.

Carly xoxo


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