Lara + Mick {sneak peek}

When I first met Lara and Mick it was at a lunch with Lara’s family. The table was spread with cheese platters, home made quiches, fruits, antipasto delights and surrounded by a table of creative, warm and truly lovely people. From this moment I knew that I would love Lara and Mick’s wedding which would be set in the very same house where we sat. It was to be a garden wedding that as I asked Lara to try and describe as a cultural fusion with a bit of an eclectic  element. It was truly breathtaking to step into this garden that had gone from a place where kids would play and the family would gather to a whimsical setting with a vintage/Indian twist where a new memory would be created. The memory of these two amazing people getting hitched!

One of my favourite things about this wedding was that it reflected this couple so much, it was fun, relaxed, a visual feast and very personal. So personal that everyone got involved from transforming of vintage veils, to friends doing make up and baking wedding cakes (that was delicious) to little decorated nooks around the garden for people to enjoy and the personalised bar that the groom made. It was no different when the celebrations were in full swing, everyone was having the best time and the dance floor went from swing to soul to today’s play list but never stopped moving!

It was such a fun wedding and such a fun smile booth to so check out those pics here…. or on facebook.

Hope you enjoy this gorgeous wedding.


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