Leanne + Adam {sneak peek}

In keeping with Leanne’s wedding speech I though I would do 10 things I loved about Leanne and Adam’s wedding.

1. A bride that just beamed the whole day and who I felt was a dear friend by the end of it.

2. The wall paper in Leanne’s parents Laundry and all the other 70’s features that were so fun to photograph.

3. Great ‘moves’ from the groomsmen. It kept me laughing all day

4. Kids with camera’s. There were so many little ones running around with a camera in their hand snapping away. I love seeing children getting creative and just quietly Michael has a very good eye.

5. Stoney Leanne and Adam’s dog.

6. Golf carts…. I seriously love them!

7. Royal Adelaide Gold Course. Great staff, service and so many places to photograph. Recommend them to anyone looking for a fun and picturesque venue.

8. Cubbies, Cars, Pirate ships and all things Kiddie

9. A smile booth that was hilarious… Seriously check out the photo and tag yourself on facebook.

10. A couple who has such a gorgeous and genuine love for one another.

I could also put in there Thermomix sales, amazing moves on the dance floor, friendly banter between Ali and John, Ford cars (i drive a Kia Rio so clearly I am not  to much of a car person but this one and the story behind it was great), the adorable flower girl Lucy and great vegetarian food from the Chef at RAGC but I said I would keep it to ten so I will leave you by saying I loved this wedding and love the photos.

Hope you enjoy,


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