Michael and Melanie {sneak peek}

There is something special about getting swept away with all the beauty, detail and love of a wedding day. Michael and Melanie’s wedding was just that, I felt taken away into another era where girls wore pretty gloes and skirts and boys asked you to waltz. Melanie set the scene of her wedding day perfectly from the beautiful cathedral, fresh aromatic bouquets, home cooked goodies for all their guests and beauty everywhere you looked. She beautifully weaved their heritages into the day from the pinning of rosemary to represent true love to being adorned with ribbon as they took the dance floor as husband and wife. Amidst the fine detail it was the love story of Melanie and Michael that truly spoke, there were so many giggles and glances that all told a story, the story of young sweethearts with a love so deep that they wanted to be joined together forever.  I adored every moment of their wedding day. They are truly two beautiful people and it was a wonderful wedding!

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