Molly + Angus

So I am a little biased when I say these two are adorably cute (I have to be they are my cousin’s children) but I am definitely not being biased when I say Molly is one little girl who knows how to strike a pose and that the camera loves her. Molly was dressing up, playing and would be up for pretty much anything to get in the spotlight and perform for me. That is except play in the field where there was a lone bee flying around. In her five year old words ‘Im not an outdoors person.’

Angus took a more cuddly and smiley approach to wooing me and any time I get baby cuddles I am a happy woman so I didn’t mind at all.

I promised Molly I would put up a blog just for her so without further adieu here is a gorgeous little shoot for you to enjoy.

Carly xoxo

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