Olivia Lu {sneak peek}

There is a special group of people who take the first photos of your baby. They get to be the ones to see your faces light up as you see your babies heartbeat for the first time and point out what all of those shapes and splotches (which are actually cute little hands and feet) really are. Yes they share that moment that that take your breath away  and that you will remember for ever and even give you a few black and white photos so you can remember this moment and treasure always.

Within this amazing group of people we call Sonographers there is a baby boom of seriously cute babies!!! I have had the privilege of taking the first out of the womb professional photos of a few of these oh so deliciously cute babies (and am super happy that there are a few more to come… 😉 yes you know who you are!!!).

Not only are these ladies lovely and have seriously good genes for producing gorgeous babies they have a design flair for decorating nurseries and houses that I just adore so these shoots have been a feast to nearly all my senses… They are all fantastic cooks so I may have to work sugar filled delights into some of the photos!

Little Olivia Lu was my most recent sweetheart from this lovely bunch and I couldn’t help but share some of these pics with you as she just made me melt… So enjoy this most beautiful of babes.

Carly xoxoxo

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