On the 10th Day of Christmas

Once in my life it would be lovely to have a white Christmas just the song suggests. I have seen the magic of a white Christmas in movies and on Christmas cards, it makes me want to buy a ticket to somewhere snowy wear layers and layers of clothes topped off with a reindeer knitted cardigan, build snowmen and carol outdoors by a real Christmas tree in a town like stars hollow.

While this would be a treat I am an Aussie girl and love our hot summer Christmas Days, carols by candle light under gum trees, Christmas backyard cricket as a precursor to boxing day test cricket, pool parties, late nights spend on a balmy summers eve at the beach, gorgeous country towns all lit up in lights where you watch live nativities in your summer clothes and eat strawberries and ice cream. Where Sand replaces snow, beer and white wine replace egg nog and the dress code is shorts and a t-shirt or a pretty summers dress.

An Aussie Christmas goes on and on, it’s a celebration into the new years, full of laughter, playfulness and bright blue skies. So in honour of the gift that an Aussie Christmas in summer is, I give you Summer and Haileigh in one of the most iconic backgrounds of the Australian Festive Season… The beach! Enjoy the laughter, the playfulness and the sun shiny days of this Christmas and of Summer and Haileigh.

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