On the 11th Day of Christmas

Every Christmas eve I go to church. Twice actually! Its all kicked off with a Christmas Eve Musical featuring lots of gorgeous little cows, sheep and even a chicken. Not to mention the dancing angels, wise men, some small and not so small shepherds and even a donkey. Its Christmas cuteness at its finest. We sing, the kids dance and put on a performance that tells us the story of Christmas through their eyes. After catching up with friends old and new, giving out candy canes (the tasty ones) and enjoying a Christmas drink, I always make my way back to Church to sing in Christmas with candlelit Jazz Carols. It’s my favourite service of the year. The ambiance, the sense of awe, the love, the joy and a peacefulness that captures the true meaning of Christmas. Despite the mad Christmas rush and chaos that always seems to be there before Christmas, this night always seems to be a deep breath for my soul where I stop, relax and enjoy the joy of Christmas.

Its my Christmas Eve tradition which I adore. So tonight if you have some space in your dairy or just want to enjoy a carol or two, some lovely honey biscuits and some Christmas Joy come and join me.

The Journey Uniting Church, Golden Grove 6:30pm and 11:00 (or Christmas morning at 9am)

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