On the 12th Day of Christmas

I am completely overwhelmed and overcome with gratitude and love for most precious gift ever given. It was a baby boy. Born two thousand years ago and his humble birth changed history. This small precious bundle was like any other child, fragile, innocent, creation at its finest. It’s his birthday we celebrate today. When you see at the presents under the tree and unwrap gifts lovingly bought for you I pray that today you remember the greatest gift ever given. He was given with more love than you could ever imagine.  Has more value than you can ever behold. More thought, meaning and wonder was put into this gift so that it would be the perfect gift for each and every person ever born.

He, a fragile child, was born and the gift he gave was life, love, hope, redemption.

As I took photo’s of Cody this week I couldn’t stop thinking how much of a precious gift he is. So small, so perfect. This little boy has a whole life ahead of him where he will grow, experience life and make his mark on the world. He will have many more Christmas days to celebrate, but this is his first where the gift of his life will be treasured. It still baffles me that God chose to give us His greatest treasure, His son. That  pure perfection was born and trusted into the arms of his mother and father to be cared for. He was a tiny, delicate baby boy. He is our true gift and if you don’t know about this gift I promise you it is a life changing gift of love and pray for receive this gift to its full, if you do know this gift then I pray that you know the true Joy it brings.

Merry Christmas, enjoy your gifts and say happy birthday to the baby that its all about.

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