On the 9th Day of Christmas

I sit with Mike, Jenny and Thom by the pool as I write today’s blog, which is a collaboration from the four of us. See today’s favourite thing is something that we all spend a lot of time doing. Its something that inspires us, challenges us, tires us out and makes (at least Mike and I) realise how old we are getting… As I wrote that Mike just hits a tennis ball at my head and splashes my laptop with water, so his oldness is definitely in body not spirit! Its about all the amazing, wonderful, crazy and sometimes ridiculous teenagers who fill our Friday nights. To describe a little of what this is like here is a quote from Mike:

“Dealing with youth is like catching a wallaby, never pull their tail, don’t make eye contact and don’t spit at their mothers.”

Amongst all the fun and hilarity we have seen some of the most inspiring, generous and courageous people grow up in front of us. This is why we put our bodies to their limits every week, It’s a gift, even if sometimes we ask if there is a returns policy!

Here is a glimpse of what we are talking about….

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