Rick + Steph

There is something about Stonyfell Weddings that are always fun and they seem to involve lots of laughing and amazing dancing. The dance number as the bridal party entered was a megamix of epic songs and even better moves. I was blown away by just how talented these guys were.

Rick and Steph’s wedding was a truly special day, I could not get over how Steph took everything in her stride with a smile and a laugh. For her this day was about the one she was marrying and celebrating that with loved ones and thats just what happened. I was seated at a table next to a couple who I photographed a year early at Stonyfell and it was such a sweet moment to look at how love grows and how I not only get the gift of sharing in peoples special days but also their lives.

Steph and Rick had one of my fav wedding cakes in ages, a true South Aussie icon, Balfours Frog Cakes. Being a SA girl you would think that like every other kid my childhood would have been filled with these green and pink little treats but I tried my first ever frog cake that night and was on a sugar high for the next few hours!

I had a truly great day with Steph and Rick, hope you enjoy your life together and these few photos.


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