Sarah + Brandon {a wedding story}

Let me tell you about a little love story that started a few years ago in a quaint pub called the fox and firkin. It’s one of those stories where two people notice each other and an interest is kindled but it takes a pint sized friend/photographer to politely interfere and make room for love to bloom… (Yes I am taking some credit for the initial courtship of this relationship). While sitting in this pub the very gorgeous Sarah fessed up that a certain someone had caught her eye it was the tall and ruggedly handsome Brandon. I could see that these two would be great for each other and told her to go for one problem… Brandon was noticeably absent so of course I happened to text him to get him to come things didn’t work out on this particular occasion so a group movie date and another night of takeout was in order. It only took two ‘group hanging out times’ before myself and my other co-conspirators were ditched so these two could get to know each other a little better. From there love bloomed through a mutual love of basketball, their competitive spirits, a shared faith and their generous and loving hearts.

It was about a year later that I thought a proposal might be in the works and happened to slip in that if they wanted me to save a date my lips would be sealed and the date was theirs! I didn’t have to wait long though because within a few weeks these two were engaged and they popped the question, “Carly will you be our photographer?” to which I gushed and said YES!

So it brings us to this day. The day two of my favourite people said I Do. The day that you could feel how loved these two are by everyone in their lives. The day I saw more time spent in front of a mirror by two certain groomsmen than by all the bridesmaids combined. The day that cheerleading reached new heights of awesomeness and I saw the best bridal party entry ever! Most of all it was the day this power couple stood at an altar before God made vows to one another and became husband and wife! It was a privilege to spend this day with my friends and a joy to share it with you.

Enjoy xoxo

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