Simon & Robyn {sneak peek}

There is something extra special about photographing the wedding of someone you know. When you get to witness their story unfold it makes their day all the more special.  My knockout of a bride Robyn and I first in year eleven English so you could say I have known her for a while. She is a gorgeous woman inside and out and over the years had grown into a remarkable woman of faith. So it is no surprise that the man who was to capture this woman’s heart was going to be one pretty great guy himself. When “Simono” first contacted Robyn I don’t think he had a clue just how lucky he was going to be for the rest of his life…

There was chemistry between these two and love quickly followed. After many emails, what I would imagine were huge phone bills, lots of plane trips from Melbourne to Adelaide and a proposal all the plans for the big day started to be made…  The day was stunning and the venue nestled in Houghton in the Adelaide Hills, Glen Ewin Estate was the perfect location for this simple and exquisite wedding.

The love between these two was tangible and you could tell that they were a match perfectly selected for each other, not only by the compatibility tests of a certain dating site but also by the hand of God.

Enjoy xoxox

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