Special September


The greatest thing about being a photographer is that you get to capture a moment, share someones story and experience it with them. Everyone’s story is important and needs to be told. The stories have changed from the landscapes of Africa to the tiny details of a new born baby, the first kiss of a husband and wife or the gorgeous and playful streak in little children. They are all precious and this September I want to capture them all as well as helping a cause near and dear to my heart in South Sudan.

Six years ago myself and a group of wonderful people wanted to help what is the worlds poorest country. We had a simple goal, to build a school a church and a health clinic. Never would I have imagined that this small deed was in fact to these people life changing. I went to South Sudan and the  village  where we work in 2009. It profoundly changed me and I saw first hand how something as simple as a $1 birthing kit is literally a life saver.

KAS charity was born out of a desire to help the poorest of the poor and what is happening in this tiny little village is truly miraculous, there is now a school (one of the best in all South Sudan) and our health clinic is only weeks away from being completed and already saving lives thanks to our health workers. There is still so much more we can do and that is where my Special September comes in.

During September I want to you spread the word, share this post with friends and if you feel inclined book in yourself to have one of my portrait, family, child  or newborn session.These sessions are a whole heap of fun and will make the perfect Christmas present for your loved ones.

For all shoots booked in September 100% of the profits will be donated to KAS Charity to continue the work happening there. So why not book in and capture some gorgeous memories for yourselves while helping a great cause and some of the cute kids you will see below.

To find out more about KAS Charity go to www.kascharity.org and like them on facebook to keep updated.

Hope to be snapping some great memories for you in September,



A very common grin to see when you pull out your camera.Some of the children of MaloneyThis boy walks for two hours every morning to get to school in Maloney

Curious onlookers, I was the first white person a lot of these children had seen, they loved the blonde hair

I had the privilege to go over and train the women in safe childbirth and give them birthing kits we had assembled. This little girl was born while I was there. Most mothers give birth in mud huts on dirt floors so these birthing kits with a plastic sheet, soap, string, gloves and a razor blade save mother and baby from getting infections which is one of the biggest threats while giving child birth. Before we came to the village 1 in 9 women died during childbirth and 1 in 4 babies. Since these birthing kits no mothers or babies have died due to infection during childbirth and with the new clinic the women will receive prenatal and infant care for the first time.



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