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I love this family. I have known them all since they were babes. Their families are dear friends of mine and some of the best people you can meet. I have been lucky enough to photograph so many moments of them growing up and to this day Caleb and Summer’s walking down the aisle shot is one of my all time favourites. So we went out with another photographer who wanted to see just how awesome and fun family shoots can be. These guys once again showed my camera so much love and I adored capturing them!

Hope you enjoy


Grace + Charlie

I was so excited to have the opportunity to photograph my  favourite family. I knew it would have some challenges (mostly in the form of a bubbly constantly moving two year old commonly known as Charlie) but with this family I knew it would be a real laugh.

Jenny and I headed up to Houghton to get some gorgeous maternity shots and the family came to meet us for a frolic in the field as I snapped away. My snapping was very quick and there was lots of running involved to keep up with Charlie but as usual Grace dazzled with her smile and gorgeous blue eyes and Jenny looked stunning, can you believe she is eight months pregnant!

For those of you who know this amazing family I think these photos here are pretty accurate to what they are like…. Fun, playful, beautiful, funny, affectionate and full of love.

Enjoy these photos and I can guarantee there will probably be some more pics featuring these two little ones and their new baby brother or sister very soon.



  • Rebecca Trestrail - So beautiful! I didn’t know Jenny was expecting her third bub. Congrats Jenny 🙂

  • Sarah Diment - Gorgeous photos Carly, perfect!

  • Tracy Morris - These are so seriously beautiful I welled up a little. Awesome job Carly x

  • Karla Brown - Wow Carly these are fantastic! What a beautiful family!!! I want so many of these pics 🙂 xxx

  • Erica Diment - Absolutely beautiful. Inside and out.

  • Kimberly Gilmour - Gorgeous photos carly, looks like it was a fun photoshoot!

  • Sarah Baldwin - Carly these are just beautiful 🙂

  • LiznGeoff Diment - These are so wonderful and you really captured our precious family! Well done Carly Stirling.

  • Jenny Wichert - Stunning pics!!

  • Jasmin Skene - Jenny you stunner!

  • Jasmin Skene - Such a stunner!


For those of you who know me or have visited my blog before, you would know that I started my photography career way back in 2002 as a child and families photographer. My style and photography has changed a lot since working in a studio all those years ago but one thing has not… My absolute love for children and being able to get out and play with them while snapping breathtakingly gorgeous shots. I don’t get to do this as much as I like as my days are mostly spent photographing weddings but when I do it truly makes me smile. So each year when the leaves turn a golden hue I secretly get excited because it means its time for me to get out and play.

Photographing Izzy is a true privilege. I have known her parents for years and they were the first ever couple whose wedding I photographed. The pressure was on as well as Izzy’s dad and aunt are photography enthusiasts and have captured so many great shots of this chubby cheeked blue eyed belle. Also adding pressure was the fact that this oh so happy baby was awake and over stimulated through her new born shoot and even though we got heaps of cute shots I wanted to capture the smiles this girl is known for. As Izzy’s mum can attest there were smiles and a lot of laughs (mainly from us two) but Izzy being the independent and inquisitive bub she is was investigating everything around her, playing with leaves, picking flowers and being all together cute.

I hope you enjoy these gorgeous autumn images and Izzy’s amazing wardrobe!

Carly xoxo

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