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Ruby + Nick

Its a cold wintery morning and I am sitting in one of my favourite cafes, eating smoothie bowls, sipping tea and thinking life is good. My mood is filled with smiles, heartwarming notes and it keeps wandering to all the beautiful moments I have shared recently with my amazing couples. I should be doing admin work but that just isn’t as fun. So while sitting at a rustic wood table and smiling away I couldn’t help but push the admin aside and share with you a wonderful little wedding filled with rustic notes, simplistic beauty and one of the most electric smiles from our beautiful bride Ruby.

Nick and Ruby’s day was awash with friends, family and fun. Not even the rain or a few wayward animals could dampen the mood to what was a truly great wedding at Barristers Block in the Adelaide Hills.

Hope you enjoy this gorgeous little wedding.


Cat + Paul

When the leaves start to turn that golden hue and the hills sprawl with an emerald green I get a little smile on my face and a quickening in my step as it usually means its April and one of my favourite months of the year. It is home to my birthday but that isnt why, its because it usually hosts Easter, the mornings are a little crisper so I can start to wear scarfes and don my slippers again. Its when the light shines with a pure golden hue that is divine to see and a joy to shoot. Autumn weddings are some of my favourite, filled with so much natural beauty and Cat and Paul’s wedding at Goldings Winery was so breathtakingly crafted that everywhere I turned I was inspired, refreshed and smiling at the sense of love and laughter that surrounded this entire day.

From drinks with the boys, to the laughing with the girls in the morning, the most adorable page boy, wild attacking bees,  to the exquisite taste and detail of everything chosen to reflect and celebrate this day, the stolen moments, wide smile and firsts as man and wife this wedding was a delight and I am thrilled to share it with you.

I hope you enjoy

Carly xoxo

Madeleine + Eddy

On the 7th day of Christmas my true love gave to me seven sweet touches, six sangrias, five reasons to smile, four spinning wheels, three white flowers, two pink flamingos and a macaroon wedding tree.

I had such a blast at Madeleine + Eddy’s engagement shoot earlier this year. They are such a sweet couple and were so excited to be getting married. Their love for each other shone through and while chatting in the lead up to their wedding I became particularly excited for their big day. Madeleine and her sister Mable had put so much thought into this sweet day that I knew I would be in photographic love. So here is seven sweet things I loved about their day.

–       Toby, the cutest bow tie wearing King Charles Cavalier around

–       Garden receptions with Mt Lofty as the stunning backdrop

–       The decorative details from kraft paper wrapped tables to tear drop vases hanging from the tree tops to water for each of the guests in honour of all of Toby’s four legged friends.

–       Unfrosted ombre cakes

–       Nap time – the flower girl and father of the bride needed a little rest so had a mid afternoon siesta

–       Penfolds Wines for guests to sign as an alternative to a guest book

–       Madeleine and Eddy whose sweet love for each other lit up my camera and my heart.

I hope you enjoy this sweet little wedding

Carly xoxo



Shasta + Chris

On the 6th day of Christmas my true love gave to me six sangria’s, five reason to smile, four spinning wheels, three white flowers, two pink flamingos and a macaroon wedding tree.

This post was almost going to be called six spinning stars but I thought that Bella Cosa where we stopped for photos and some of infamous sangria deserved the title spot, and lets face it after shooting for most of the day with a concussion I was seeing stars and felt like I had had about 10 sangria’s. Even the cartoon scene of spinning yellow stars that I was seeing all day could not stop me from doing all I could to capture the beauty and fun of Chris + Shasta’s wedding and some shots of their gorgeous little girl Zali.

Between playing in forests, frolicking in vines and getting foot loose and fancy free on the dance floor I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing day to photograph and am thrilled to share it with you.

Hope you Enjoy,

Carly xoxo

Cath + Pete

On the 4th day of Christmas my true love gave to me fours spinning tires, three white flowers, two pink flamingos, and a macaroon wedding tree.

Four spinning tires you may ask? I will get to that…. Cath and Pete’s wedding will always be remembered in my mind by four things. The first is the was the Beatles song All you need is love that was the personal soundtrack playing in my mind after arriving at Cath’s house and seeing the words to this song hung in their room. It also seemed fitting after getting to know Cath and hearing of her love for Pete who was serving overseas while they planned this wedding. Cath was very much in love and it was the kind of love with strength, fun and respect at its core. At roughly 10pm the sound track in my mind did turn to the Tina Tuner variety as Cath got up and sung an amazing version of the wedding classic Nutbush City Limits!

The second would be the best best man Liam. It was such a beautiful thing to watch the joy Pete’s son Liam felt to be in the wedding but not only that the pride both him and Pete took in giving him the title of ‘Best best man’ His speech was to cute and so is he. When I asked him what his favourite thing about Cath and Pete getting married he replied over and over again ‘that I get to be a big brother’. No pressure guys!

The third was sheep, I have never seen anyone so excited to have photos in a paddock with sheep in the background!

The fourth was four spinning wheels and the title of this post. I wont go into detail in case I embarrass anyone but a certain assistant may or may not have drove the car over an invidible embankment and got the car bogged with three of the cars four wheels unable to touch the ground, after knights in shining suits coming to our rescue and trying to push the car out with the help of a toe from the FOB our rope snapped and we called in the cavilry as we had to keep taking photos and get this party started. Cath and Pete being the amazing and fun people they are laughted it off and made me take a photo!

So thank you Cath and Pete for an amazing day and a wedding I will never forget!

Hope your love grows and grows and Liam gets his wedding wish!




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