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Alan + Shonah {on the first day of Christmas}

The first year of my blog I did a 12 days of Christmas. 12 things that make me smile, make me thankful and remind me a little about what the true gift of Christmas really is. The first 12 blogs shared my life and my cameras life for most of 2010 so I though I would do a 2012 edition. There will be a slight twist to it as this year was spent sharing in something truly wonderful, the thing that makes you go weak at the knees, want to come home to and definitely makes the world go round… LOVE!

So here it is….

On the first day of Christmas Carly showed to me a ready made family.

To use Alan’s words the love Shonah and Alan share is truly magical. All of their firsts were truly special, perhaps because they both know the value of holding onto something special. Shonah and Alan both know about deep love and deep loss. Both had been married and lost their partner, both found the amazing joy of parenthood Shonah with her daughter and Alan with his son. Both had hearts so big that they had more love to give and when these two met something magical happened. I saw the spark in Alan’s eyes (who is a friend of mine from church). I knew there must be a lady who has captured his heart and I wasn’t mistaken. Shonah and Alan seemed to truly fit each other and what was equally as special was how well their children fit each other. Their love as brother and sister was instant with the big brother being gorgeously protective and the little sister adoringly faithful. It was like God had brought a little bit of magic in their lives and their hearts already knew each other, all four of them.

It wasn’t long until Alan popped the question… Of course Shonah said yes! Their wedding was darling. Al Ru Farm in One Tree Hill was simply stunning. Something was in the air and tissues were needed (part love part hay fever). We danced the night away, laughed, celebrated. Everything about this wedding was so personal, every moment savoured. Even the car Shonah was taken home from the hospital in was restored to take her to the altar. Possibly the cutest thing of all was Shonah’s daughter running up to me squealing “My daddy can have sleep overs every night, he never has to go to his other home again cos his home is our home now.”

I left with this thought, left knowing that this family always has a home in each others arms and can have a sleep over for the rest of their lives!



  • Sandra Milne - lovely photos

  • Marisa Liddle - wow these are beautiful!

Christina + Craig


Those who know me well know I love finding things. Discovering a cute store, exploring markets and searching online for that great new website. When I go on these hunts its usually as a result of a quirky idea I have for a new prop or way to decorate my house. I love seeing ordinary everyday things revamped into something beautiful. So when I got to Christina and Craig’s wedding my eyes were bulging out of my head and I was in heaven. Christina like me is a collector. Since her and Craig got engaged she has been searching for details in markets, op shops and using her amazing skills as an event planner as well as some help from her friends at Bliss Events to turn what is already a stunningly gorgeous venue – Al Ru Farm into  one of the most delightfully decorated weddings I have had the pleasure of photographing.

What made this wedding even more beautiful was that it was filled with the warmth of Christina and Craig’s dearly loved friends and family. The smiles were beaming all day, especially from the groom (Christina I see why you fell for that smile). I truly loved this wedding and hope you do to…


Carly xoxo

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