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Miranda + Michael

Sometimes you photograph couples that make you smile. It’s my job to make them smile, to help make their day as effortless, fun and relaxed as possible. So when the tables are turned and I am around two souls who make me grin from ear to ear I know we are onto something special. On Miranda and Michael’s wedding day to say they made me smile was an understatement. They are two of the kindest and genuine people you could meet. The love they have for each other is easy, overflowing and infectious. I knew the first time we met that these two would be a dream to photograph because of how naturally they fit together. On the big day something happened that I wasn’t expecting. It made me stand back and take note.

Let me back up and explain….

At times us wedding photographers have to stop and consider what we do and why we do it. We have to be continually filling our buckets with creativity, with energy and with an appreciation for the gift that is our profession. We do this so we can be present, be aware and be available to capture a wedding day the way it deserves. Usually we have to be the ones on point, ready to deal with anything, to be the calm in the storm, the encouraging voice, the bow tying  button hole fixing whatever it takes person to help create a space so you can simply be present and make the most of your special day. This is my norm, its part of my vocation and a part I love as I love making other peoples dreams and visions a reality and doing whatever I can to make it happen. But this takes a lot out of photographers, some days are harder than others to get into that space. Sometimes we need to stop. Need to give ourselves space to refuel. Space to create some of our own memories so we are full to give out. Sometimes we need to intentionally refocus to the who and why we do what we do.  Then sometimes something happens, something that makes our buckets overflow. For me every time its something different. Something new, a new focal point to see a new perspective of why I am fortunate to do what I do.

So back to Miranda and Michael’s wedding day…

It was beautifully planned, they thought of everything. They are originally from Melbourne and moved to Adelaide recently. Most of their guests were from interstate and coming to Adelaide for these two. At every step their intention was to make it as easy, enjoyable and inclusive of their near and dear. This was their focus, to celebrate the coming together. So they chose the stunning Ayer’s House to host so it was easy for guests to stay in the city and get two and from, they gathered info on where to eat, where has the best coffee, highlights to see, their day had time to enjoy their loved ones. Their wooden banquet tables were set so conversations could be had. They didn’t have a traditional bridal table rather choosing to sit with their loved ones and the left the two spaces in front of them free so people could come and chat throughout the night. You could tell all these touches came out of who they were as people and who they are to date is a lot to do with the wonderful people in their lives. It was a beautiful occasion and a dream to photograph. THEY ARE A DREAM TO PHOTOGRAPH!!!

This in itself would usually bowl me over with emotion and fill my bucket but it wasn’t just that ‘their day’ was beautiful. It was because from the moment I walked into the salon in the morning I was touched by openness of love I was invited into. It wasn’t just two people making me smile but an entourage. Their families were so warm and loving, It was the first day I met Miranda’s family yet I felt an ease with them like I had known them for years. I could see the connections of friends and family, felt the care of one another and was swept into it. I laughed and cried with everyone else and somewhere in their amongst the 80 people making me smile from ear to ear I could see the wonderful threads coming together like a beautiful tapestry that had made these two who they are. Each thread made the tapestry more intricate, more beautiful and added strength to this work of art. Miranda and Michael’s  wedding day was a beautiful work of art that had taken a lifetime to craft. I could see how the landscape of this piece had formed over time by the memories and people in their lives. The layers of thread that was added on their wedding day brought a new hue and focal point to this work of art, one that will continue to be crafted over a lifetime.

I hope you enjoy just a few of the photos I took on the day

Carly xoxo

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Cam + Carine

I have been so busy shooting so many amazing weddings that I have not had a single second to share them with you so this week I plan to rectify that so stay tuned to the blog this week. I couldnt decide what wedding to start with, do I show you some coffee shop love, a star wars epic, a surprise wedding, the biggest bridal party I have ever shot? Do I show off the array of maternity and kids shoots that have also been filling my days? Seriously I couldnt decide as there is so much goodness I have to show you.

It was this gorgeous city wedding that I decided to go with. Partly as its fresh in my mind from editing it on my flight yesterday. I think its also still fresh in my mind as I still have a scar from the not so epic fall I took that left me with a thigh length graze and bruise. Never one to let a medical situation get in the way of the perfect shot. The bride’s brother played doctor, well actually he is a doctor so it was really just working on his day off, and bandaged me up and I kept on shooting and boy am I glad I did because this wedding and this couple are simply so stunning.

Cam and Carine were an absolute delight to shoot. I knew they would be, with these two it couldnt be anything but. Their entire day was bliss, from getting married in their church where Cam works, to having so many of their family and friends their to celebrate, to the amazing dresses the bridesmaids wore, the guys suits…. seriously I love them! To the hilarity the groomsmen provided and to the beauty that is Carine. If she didnt look beautiful enough as she slipped into her grandmothers wedding dress she looked even more the perfect bride.

This wedding was a delight and I hope you adore it as much as I did.

Enjoy, Carly


Tracey + Graham

I warn you, what you are about to see is truly gorgeous. Tracey put so much thought into the detail of her day and it truly showed. Myself and Nicole who was along shooting for the day had a ball capturing all the prettiness and laughter of this day. Their were flowers, pearl and antique glassware that scattered the tables courtesy of Fabulous Functions, the prettiest lolly buffet from Sooti and Sweet, handmade flower broaches for the girls dresses, parasols, family and friends that were a true pleasure to spend this special day with and two rambunctious pups that had an adventure of their own on the wedding day.

But nothing was as beautiful as the main event, when Tracey and Graham stood at the altar and said ‘I Do’ There were tears, smile and lots of laughter as we celebrated this special day and Nicole and I caught it all on camera.

Hope you enjoy!


p.s be sure to check out Nicole’s blog here

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