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Bret and Pania {sneak peek}

There was a lot about Bret and Pania’s wedding that I fell in love with. There old house with original features. Handmade hairclips, buttons on glass jars with fresh picked flowers, Rondo the upsized version of my own pooch, the bridesmaid and best man, glistening fields and frolicking in them, sunshine, Eagle Rock and the boys ritual bonding experience during it, traditional New Zealand songs sung by a chorus of family, handmade cake toppers from etsy.com, buntings that hung between trees… Oh I could go on and on and on…

What I fell in love with the most were the two people it was all about. Pania and Bret are truly fantastic, as individuals they are lovely, funny and two genuinely great people but together they are something even more special. They have that kind of love that comes from knowing someone and appreciating them for who they truly are. As Bret gave his speech I was tearing up from the back of the room (along with everyone else in the place). His words were filled with so much adoration as he expressed the many things he loves about Pania as she looked up at him with her one dimple smile and a tear or two.

Bret and Pania you truly are each others best mate. I pray that through every season your love grows and every day you get your big squeezy hug and a kiss. Thank you for letting me share your day with you and for helping me have Huey Lewis’s tune ‘happy to be stuck with you’ playing on repeat in my mind. May you be as happy as pigs in mud when you are old, grey and have loads of smile lines from laughing together.

Carly xoxo

View Bret and Pania’s SNAP THAT {smile booth}

A match made in Heaven (sneak peek)

For over two years now I have known this day was coming. Even before Ellen and Dan had set romantic eyes on each other I had a hunch that before I returned home from overseas Ellen would meet the man of her dreams. I even told this to Ellen the last time we enjoyed a cup of tea together before I hopped on a plane set for Africa. So when I checked my facebook messages and sitting in my inbox was a message from El’s with the subject saying  “You told me so….!!” I immediately knew what it meant. All I needed to know was who was this special man who had captured El’s heart…. Thankfully my mind was put to rest and my heart skipped a beat when I read the words “and it’s Dan.”

Since then I have seen love bloom, faith grow and a relationship blossom that will make its mark on the world with a twinkle in its step and so much love to share with this world. They are the perfect coming together of two people, It’s almost as if someone planned it that way! For their wedding this was just the case! Dan with his love of all things urban, coffee and professional polish and Ellen with her love of all things pretty, sweet and the finer details of life. I knew that with camera in hand I would capture the beginnings of a beautiful story for the ages.

Enjoy xoxo

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