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Chloe + Brett {a wedding story}

Chloe and Brett’s wedding was just my style of wedding. Usually it’s my job to make the bride and grooms dreams come true but this day they made one of mine come to be a reality. When Chloe, Brett and I first met and we talked about their wedding on the family’s farm I happened to throw it that it was one of my dreams to get a bride on top of one of those huge hay bales. Little did I know that Brett was a crop farmer and not only that but his land overlooked the stunning Murray River. On their wedding day I was enjoying it all so much. This personal wedding was filled with details and a picture perfect backdrop…. There were even cows!

I happily snapped everything (and with such a stunning bride like Chloe this was easy!) We played in fields, had bridal party members chase away brown snakes as I was very deeply embedded in a field and hoped it wasn’t coming my way, and Ben the groomsman come chair cover extraordinaire come photographer grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots himself! I was having a ball and can safely say this was already one of my favourite weddings and then it happened Chloe in beautiful vintage tulle and bead encrusted gown jumped on top of the giant hay bail. I think I squealed a little and Chloe joked she was making my dream come true! Not only did I get amazing shots from this but it also sums up my experience of these two… Ready to have fun and not take life to seriously while enjoying all its adventures and all the while being the amazing, kind and thoughtful people they are!

Enjoy, Carly xoxo


(Ben’s amazing photo below)

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