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Cam + Carine

I have been so busy shooting so many amazing weddings that I have not had a single second to share them with you so this week I plan to rectify that so stay tuned to the blog this week. I couldnt decide what wedding to start with, do I show you some coffee shop love, a star wars epic, a surprise wedding, the biggest bridal party I have ever shot? Do I show off the array of maternity and kids shoots that have also been filling my days? Seriously I couldnt decide as there is so much goodness I have to show you.

It was this gorgeous city wedding that I decided to go with. Partly as its fresh in my mind from editing it on my flight yesterday. I think its also still fresh in my mind as I still have a scar from the not so epic fall I took that left me with a thigh length graze and bruise. Never one to let a medical situation get in the way of the perfect shot. The bride’s brother played doctor, well actually he is a doctor so it was really just working on his day off, and bandaged me up and I kept on shooting and boy am I glad I did because this wedding and this couple are simply so stunning.

Cam and Carine were an absolute delight to shoot. I knew they would be, with these two it couldnt be anything but. Their entire day was bliss, from getting married in their church where Cam works, to having so many of their family and friends their to celebrate, to the amazing dresses the bridesmaids wore, the guys suits…. seriously I love them! To the hilarity the groomsmen provided and to the beauty that is Carine. If she didnt look beautiful enough as she slipped into her grandmothers wedding dress she looked even more the perfect bride.

This wedding was a delight and I hope you adore it as much as I did.

Enjoy, Carly


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