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Lorien + Katherine

My oh my do I love today’s wedding blog but I loved the actual day even more! Partly because if you want a glimpse into what I think would be the most picture perfect wedding that suits me down to a tea this one is it… Its Like Katherine read my mind and produced this amazing day. It was also party because this couple (and their friends) love to have fun so out photo session was an absolute delight, old gates, railway stations, fields and and attitude of anything fun goes! And because Stangate house in Aldgate is just divine. Oh and did i mention that almost everything including the bouquets were done by the bride and maid of honour?

What made this wedding so special was the beautifully felt love these two have for each other. Katherine and Lorien truly adore one another and in these photos they can’t help but show it, especially our gorgeous bride who was toted as being a whirlwind of emotion {all good emotions of course}. She was beaming and my camera adored her as you will see by the overload of photos.

Loved your wedding and hope you enjoy the photos,


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