Tanya + James

Back at the beginning of March I photographed the wedding of two amazing people Tanya and James. I loved shooting this oh so photogrenic pint sized bride who had a smile on her face the enitre day. Even gail forced winds couldnt wipe it off her face!

These two high school sweethearts who started their love story at the beginning of year eight have been growing their love and collecting amazing friends, becoming part of each others families and even started a family (yes I refering to the pup Cooper who is almost bigger than me and Tanya put together but is the softest gentle giant  you could ever meet).

It was a day spent with loved ones and great friends, not just for these two but also for me… My bestie Jenny was the videographer at this wedding and our friend Teearn from Tee-rific Hair  was the hair dresser. With all the cross over of mutal friends and the Kings connection I felt like I was with friends, It was a stunning wedding and the first dance song was my favourite… Especially since Tanya went for the jump!

So enjoy the photos and even check out some of the highlights and the epic first dance song courtesy of Jennifer Wardrop Wedding Videography

Carly xoxo



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