The Second Hallelujah {on the tenth day of Christmas}

On the tenth day of Christmas Carly showed to me ten angelic angels, nine swinging carriages, eight smiling faces, seven peach peonies, six feet of air, five months of waiting, four tiers of utopia, three timeless kisses, two twins cuddling and a ready made family.

Last year at Christmas I created a Christmas video with the help of ten little people. It was truly a joyous experience filming, creating and capturing something that shares the true meaning of Christmas. The final video was used at our Christmas Services and touched many hearts. The film and song are to special not to share so I wanted to post it on here as to me this is what Christmas is all about.


I am busily editing more for this years musical so if you are free over Christmas and want to experience some Christmas joy come and join us at The Journey Uniting Church {click for details}.

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