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Alison + Lincoln

On the 9th day of Christmas my true love gave to me nine holes of golf, eight sparkling sparklers, seven sweet touches, six sangrias, five reason to smile, four spinning wheels, three white flowers, two pink flamingos and a macaroon wedding tree.

I have never been so anxious writing a blog. It has nothing to do with this wonderful couple and 100% to do with Lincoln’s profession. You see I have been told I write like I talk, fast and furious. I am hopeless with anything resembling grammar, punctuation and writing a full sentence without using too many adjectives is almost impossible. I don’t think before I write I just mentally blurt everything out and hope my finger can keep up. I am a literary lovers nightmare, I’m ok with this I make up for it with the pretty pictures but Lincoln you see is a journalist. I can picture it now his hordes for readers and all his colleagues will read this and cringe. I am seriously contemplating getting it proof read by the word loving people in my life but its 4pm and 36 degrees on a Friday and I have a pool to jump into so I’m going to take the plunge tell you about this Ah-mazing wedding and ask for your literary forgiveness.

The day started just as I had hoped being bowled over by a dog twice my size. It was out of love and I adore Jazz’s cuddles so I quickly forgave her. Lochie my 6’2 assistant hid inside away from these giant dogs as little me and Lincoln had a little photo shoot with these adorable four legged friends. From there I met the girls who were all smiles, Alison was getting her make up done and was glowing. Her dress was a tulle wonderland that shone in photos almost as much as she herself did. After some fun photos at Belair train station with hit the greens at Belair Park Country Club for a hole or two before dancing the night away. Lochie had recovered from the fright of getting dog hair on his chinos and was having a ball with all the guests at the reception. As they said their goodbyes Lincoln popped a bottle of Champagne to keep the celebrations going  as Lochie and I slipped away. We had grins from ear to ear and felt blessed to be able to be a part of such a wonderful couples wedding.


Carly xoxo

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