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How do I know if you’re available for our wedding date? The easiest way is to email us directly with your dates and we will let you know all the details.

What do you charge? Local wedding commissions begin at  $2100  incliding GST for wedding photography. Check out our packages page for more info.

Do you travel? You bet I do! I travel rural, interstate and overseas. South Africa, Port Lincoln, Robe, Victoria, Bali, Hamilton Island, Broken Hill, Toowomba, Melbourne, The Riverland, Rarotonga in the stunning Cook Island and London are just a few of the places I have been and I would love to add many more destinations to that list so please contact me for more info.

There are so many good photographers out there how do we choose just one? If you like a photographer’s work, drop them an email and ask to meet up in person. This face-to-face meeting is so important. You want to feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease with the people who will trusted to take the photos for one of the biggest occasions of your life. Make sure you have chemistry! Oh and also ask to see full weddings to see if you like their entire take on the day and not just the snapshot you see online. Then it’s a bit like dating… Go for the one that leaves you with a smile and wanting more. If you like them and their photos you are onto a winner!

Can we meet you? I would love to!  Lets catch up for a coffee (or in my case a tea). If you’re not local, I’ll schedule a FaceTime or Zoom chat! I pride myself in creating photography that is unique to you  and your story so getting to know you is important and frankly, quite fun!

If we book Stirling Photography who will be shooting our wedding? When booking wedding photography services I will always be your primary photographer. The second shooters may change from booking to booking. Our second shooters are a talented and good looking bunch of people who are amazing at their craft.

OK, we really want to book you. Now what? Once you’ve determined we’re a good fit send me an email. I will then create an online agreement for you to sign. It will outline all of the nitty gritty!

Do you require a deposit? Yes…. A 25% retainer is due 30 days after this, which will reserve your wedding date. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your wedding. Easy as pie!

Can we see an example of an entire Wedding Gallery? So glad you asked! Of course you can. I’m really proud of my work, but don’t post a lot online. Just send  an email and I will be happy to send a few over to you with a password or even better catch up with us and see some albums of real weddings.

Do you customize packages? Yes! It’s your day and we want to make sure you get just what you want so will tailor something to suit you. Contact me and let me know exactly what you are after.

Will you tell us what to do, how to act, or direct us on our wedding day? If you’re hiring Stirling Photography, it’s because you appreciate the genuine emotion and documented moments in the photos. I love to have fun and most importantly draw out your personalities so try to make the process as easy as possible so you can be yourselves and really enjoy your photography time. This allows me to truly capture you! Most of the time you give enough love and goodness to use without us needing to direct you too much. Trust us, there is PLENTY of raw beauty and emotion on your wedding day! That said, I give you direction of what may look great and help you relax and will always share some tips and tricks to get the best photos and may suggest a location or an idea if I think it will make an amazing photo!

Do you help us come up with locations for the bridal party shoot? YES!!!! I love to collaborate with you on this. After finding out your style, your personalities and interests and where all the days events are I will suggest some great places or scout out some locations just for you and if you have something in mind I check it out to make sure I can get the best shots!

What are you like on the day? Myself and my second shooters are a pretty easy-going bunch of people and its not rare to see us walking around doing a happy dance while photographing all the detail and behind the scenes moments. I try to blend in as much as possible, make people feel at ease so they forget we have big cameras in our hands and mostly allow your day to be amazing! As wedding photographers often moonlight as hair stylists, event planners, professional button hole placers, personal assistants, coffee makers and dance floor enthusiasts just to name a few. We do whatever we can to let you have the best day and get those perfect shots! We want you and all your loved ones to relax and have the time of your life because capturing all that joy is what we love to do.

Do we have to feed you? We work better with food in our stomachs, so for events where reception cover is greater than two hours we hope you’ll provide a vendor meal for each of us.

When will I get my wedding photos? It’s the digital age so we always aim for you to see a few photos as soon as possible while getting your online proofing gallery, we usually have the final product to you within eight weeks.

What is a printing voucher and what can I do with it? Essentially printing vouchers are an amount of money in your package that you can use towards the products that we offer:  a variety of prints, art work, albums, books and thank you cards.  Instead of forcing a particular size print or album on you, we want to give you the flexibility of choosing and creating your own album(s) or choosing your own print(s). The vouchers are valid for one year from the date of your wedding and are a great way for you to showcase your wedding photos the way you want.

Lifestyle Photography

For your lifestyle sessions do we come up with locations and themes or do you? Both. I love to express who you are and what you love through my photos so we chat and find out what you have in mind and then create something from there.

Do you supply props and backdrops if required? Yes I do. Ihave a selection goodies to use in your photos mostly for newborns and babies who cant sit such as baskets, knit onsies/beanies, wraps and blankets and also incorporate your own items to make the photos even more personal.

What should we wear? It’s really up to you, similar colour tones or themes go really well together as well as styles of clothing. If all of you are on a beach wearing shorts and a t-shirt and someone is wearing tracksuit pants it may look a little out of place. I usually say lay the clothes out the day before and see if you like them as a group as well as individual outfits. Flowing clothes always work well for women/girls. For babies who don’t sit I usually say stay away from overalls/pinafores as they often ride up over bubs face. Oh and feel free to bring a wardrobe change if you want.

What ages do you suggest for baby photography? For newborn photographs the ideal time is within the first 14 days so you can get those oh so sweet shots. From there people usually love to mark the milestones like when bubs really starts to smile or turning one. Personally I think every age is cute and at every stage the photos look so different as they change so quickly.

Other bits and bobs

What kind of equipment do you use? We are canon lovers! We shoot 5D Mark series and a range of L series lenses.

Can I have the raw files to edit myself? Sorry, I don’t provide the raw images. It’s probably the one thing I’m not really flexible on, either. I believe my clients are hiring me to make artful photographs and memories, and trust me, I aim to give you the most I can from your photos. In other words, you’re not going to miss a thing! My editing style is part of my trademark and raw files don’t allow me to give you the full expression of my style.

I have a question you didn’t answer? Email me, call or get in contact via the socials and I will gladly help!

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