Belinda + Jonathan

When I shot Belinda and Jonathan’s engagement photos I fell in love with them as a couple. This was the first time we met properly and had time to have a good chat and get to know each other and what I found out I loved! Jonathan an English lad came to Australia with the British Navy. He was to spend a year here but little did he know his heart would sink and he would fall in love with the beautiful Belinda who was in the Australian Navy Band. These two quickly became an item and even went back to England to say ‘I Do’ in an intimate ceremony with family.

This wedding was their big celebration, their wedding to share with loved ones and it was beautifully officiated by Belinda’s brother Craig who gave one of the most touching messages about love I have ever heard at a wedding. As these two renewed their vows there was a lot of happy tears and laughter and the backdrop of The Farm of Maggie Beer fame was truly poetic in its beauty. With touches from Jonathan’s Scottish upbringing, photos from their first wedding adorning tables and lots of music to bring everyone together this wedding was a true delight and I am so thrilled to share it with you.


Carly xoxo

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