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    Film Editor and Organisational Wonder Woman

    Since 2002

    Style: I love everything fun and bubbly, I love emotion in films and capturing that special moment that you never want to forget!

    Why I do what I do: I love that I get to create a film from your wedding day that can bring happiness for a life time. It’s the special moments that really get me.

    A little about me:

    I love my wonderful husband and three gorgeous kids and God.

    A good glass of Sav Blanc and chocolate makes me happy.

    My friends and family sat around my living room is my favourite place to be.

    I can twist a broom all the way around my body without taking my hands off it.



    Photographer/Second Shooter and Melody Maker

    Since 2013

    Style: I take detailed photos, I like to capture the small moments in life that would otherwise go un-noticed

    Why I do what I do: I just love taking a great picture and being able to look at it and remember the day I took it. I hope in fifty year when the people I shoot for look at their photos they think “Yeah, that’s just what our wedding day felt like.”

    A little about me:

    I have sometimes been referred to as a bottomless pit, because I eat WAY more food than my body should be able to contain.

    Having an instagramable life is a goal of mine.

    I love playing and writing music.

    I have an extensive pea coat collection.


    Carly Stirling

    Photographer, Owner and Creative Mastermind

    Since 2002

    Style: Beautifully romantic with a dash of fun. Oh and I adore using light in all its glory.

    Why I do what I do: Because I love everything about it.  They say love is in the details and for me it is. I love getting to know people, having fun and in the process capturing those beautifully real moments of life. What can I say I’m a romantic and with camera in hand nothing makes me happier than to capture the way it “Feels” to be in love.

    A little about me:

    I get very excited by pretty things.

    Nanna naps are welcomed in my home.

    Traveling is essential and trying new things is non negotiable.

    My faith is what drives me in all I do.

    I am a little lady… Like really little.



    Photographer/Second Shooter and Stylist Extraordinaire

    Since 2014

    Style: Sensitive pictures that express love

    Why I do what I do: I love the thought of capturing a memory for someone that they might show their grandchild one day. Catching an emotion in a picture that can’t be explained with words gives me goose-bumps. My goal is to remove ‘having your photo taken’ from people’s top ten list of uncomfortable experiences in life.

    A little about me:

    A little chocolate can go a long way

    I study Physiotherapy when I don’t have a camera in my hands

    I love playing the piano to relax

    I own two plump guinea pigs.

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