Hello world!

From the comfort of my home office (sitting atop a lovely antique Queen Anne bed and snuggled into my favourite blanket) I though I’d take the time to write my first, of what will hopefully be many meaningful and visually appetising, blog. For me it’s a bit of nostalgia and a trip down memory lane, for you it will give you a little glimpse into my heart for photography, and sharing a little bit of love in this world.

Since word go I loved to take in the world around me. My older sister who I completely adored (and still do) was very happily running the show for both of us. She was gorgeously outspoken and had a larger than life personality and would come up with all these adventures and would alway try new things and naturally I would totter after her and do everything my big sister did.

Although a little quieter than my sister, I still had a very big voice that was used especially when I had my own ideas about something. This was usually motivated by my very big heart for a very little girl, and a big stubborn streak. Refusing to eat meat as a 2 year old child because I found out a chop was a baby lamb is probably a great example of this, mum and dad thought it was a phase that would pass… I’m still vegetarian! As a child mum would very tongue in cheek say; I was likely to go off to Africa and want to help the world when I was older… (If only she’d know how true this was).

My family was always out and about, playing sport, camping you name it we were given the opportunity to do it. I loved the outdoors, loved nature and while I followed the sporty trend of my family I was always one who had a creative flair. Drawing, sculpture, pottery, anything crafty I adored. I’d waste countless films on mum’s camera.
In high school I had the opportunity to study photography, loved it and knew we had a future together. So a few years later when I took a hiatus from my Uni degree and had the opportunity to work as a photographer I took it. I spent the next 5 years working as a studio photographer where my love affair with child photography blossomed.

In this time I travelled to East Timor, Africa and Greece doing volunteer work and took the opportunity to snap away any chance I got, this was still in the days of film so I didn’t get as many shots as comparatively I would now. Its my work overseas (which I will tell you more about in future posts) that is the motivator behind most of my photography.

When I returned home from my time away all my friends were getting married so I started shooting them… (this was my first wedding in 2005)

Now I combine all my loves, all revolving my favourite thing to photograph… People! I love telling stories through my photographic essay approach to photography.

So stay tuned and hear (and see) what I have to say!

Much Love, Carly

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