Janis + Luke

There are three things that will always stay with me when I think of Janis + Luke’s wedding. It wasnt a single moment. It was almost every moment, but everytime it was just as special and true. The first was the way Luke looks at Janis. His look as so much love and meaning and carries so much more worth than any words. The second is the way Janis laughs whenever he is around. She lights up, her joy and laughter is infectious and you can tell it is present in the third thing. A family filled with love. Multiple generations, multiple personalities and yet one strong bond of love.

It was a gorgeous day in May. It was a simple and sweet wedding at Uleybury Wines in One Tree Hill. Luke wore his lucky green socks and Janis danced the night away in her cow girl boots. Patrick stole my heart and Michael became my second shooter at the reception. He may only be 7 but  I think he has a future in the industry! Special thanks to Amelia my second shooter who did a phenomenal job and has so much raw talent.

Hope you enjoy this gorgeous little wedding.


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