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Danielle + Greg

Photographing Danielle and Greg’s wedding was such a delight. Held at Carrick Hill this garden affair was truly stunning and the simple white and green colour palette of the reception was just gorgeous! Everywhere you looked there was photographic inspiration, none more so inspired by the oh so stunning Danielle who truly is a natural when it comes to photos! To make it even more fun I had Nicole Cordeiro along for all the fun second shooting (she is a details virtuoso). I also got to be bridal Macgyver along with Danielle’s dad while the girls were getting ready… What we can do with safety pins, gaffa tape and ingenuity is nothing short of a miracle!

I hope you enjoy this adorable wedding!

Carly xoxo

Jess & Janek {sneak peek}

Nestled into the hills of Crafer’s there is a gorgeous church called Church of the Epiphany. It’s where the scene was set for Jess and Janek’s wedding. I had the privilege of being part guest part photographer for the ceremony. It was my pleasure to be part of the nuptials of this family who has so much love for each other it just overflows and is contagious to everyone else around.

Jess did not disappoint on the style side. It was as if I had stepped back in time to the gorgeous 30’s and 40’s the dresses and veil were perfectly fitted to this stylish and refined wedding. After being swept up in hymns of times gone by and a choir of amazingly gifted teens, an I do or two it was all sealed with a kiss and that was my cue to chase Maple around the garden and pick flowers with her before taking off for some fun with the rest of the bridal party at Balhannah Railway Station.

This day was truly as if I had stepped back in time and I pray it is one of many timeless memories you will share.

Carly xoxox

Bret and Pania {sneak peek}

There was a lot about Bret and Pania’s wedding that I fell in love with. There old house with original features. Handmade hairclips, buttons on glass jars with fresh picked flowers, Rondo the upsized version of my own pooch, the bridesmaid and best man, glistening fields and frolicking in them, sunshine, Eagle Rock and the boys ritual bonding experience during it, traditional New Zealand songs sung by a chorus of family, handmade cake toppers from etsy.com, buntings that hung between trees… Oh I could go on and on and on…

What I fell in love with the most were the two people it was all about. Pania and Bret are truly fantastic, as individuals they are lovely, funny and two genuinely great people but together they are something even more special. They have that kind of love that comes from knowing someone and appreciating them for who they truly are. As Bret gave his speech I was tearing up from the back of the room (along with everyone else in the place). His words were filled with so much adoration as he expressed the many things he loves about Pania as she looked up at him with her one dimple smile and a tear or two.

Bret and Pania you truly are each others best mate. I pray that through every season your love grows and every day you get your big squeezy hug and a kiss. Thank you for letting me share your day with you and for helping me have Huey Lewis’s tune ‘happy to be stuck with you’ playing on repeat in my mind. May you be as happy as pigs in mud when you are old, grey and have loads of smile lines from laughing together.

Carly xoxo

View Bret and Pania’s SNAP THAT {smile booth}

Jay and Jessica {sneak peek}

Jessica and Jay are two truly amazing people. Jessica is possibly one of the sweetest bride’s I have ever had and on her wedding day she was just glowing. Even rain and a plane delay didn’t dampen her spirits. Jessica’s smile remained and this wedding day was truly a special event for everyone there. It was a coming together of many people who love Jessica and Jay. They travelled from Melbourne, Port Lincoln and all over Australia to come and celebrate these sea side nuptials in West Beach. The love, well wishes and joy was tangible. Throughout the day I heard the beautiful stories of how these two lives entwined to make a love grow between a couple that is truly amazing! I laughed so much and had a blast snapping away all day and night. Enjoy the photos because I truly enjoyed capturing them!


Sun and smiles

If you take Grange Beach, Adelaide a beautiful spring morning and add in Amanda, Nathan and their two gorgeous boys Hayden and Jack it turns out to be a great morning filled with fun. In between chasing waves and building sandcastles I snapped away and captured what was a family full of love and laughs.

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