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Jay and Jessica {sneak peek}

Jessica and Jay are two truly amazing people. Jessica is possibly one of the sweetest bride’s I have ever had and on her wedding day she was just glowing. Even rain and a plane delay didn’t dampen her spirits. Jessica’s smile remained and this wedding day was truly a special event for everyone there. It was a coming together of many people who love Jessica and Jay. They travelled from Melbourne, Port Lincoln and all over Australia to come and celebrate these sea side nuptials in West Beach. The love, well wishes and joy was tangible. Throughout the day I heard the beautiful stories of how these two lives entwined to make a love grow between a couple that is truly amazing! I laughed so much and had a blast snapping away all day and night. Enjoy the photos because I truly enjoyed capturing them!


Michael and Melanie {sneak peek}

There is something special about getting swept away with all the beauty, detail and love of a wedding day. Michael and Melanie’s wedding was just that, I felt taken away into another era where girls wore pretty gloes and skirts and boys asked you to waltz. Melanie set the scene of her wedding day perfectly from the beautiful cathedral, fresh aromatic bouquets, home cooked goodies for all their guests and beauty everywhere you looked. She beautifully weaved their heritages into the day from the pinning of rosemary to represent true love to being adorned with ribbon as they took the dance floor as husband and wife. Amidst the fine detail it was the love story of Melanie and Michael that truly spoke, there were so many giggles and glances that all told a story, the story of young sweethearts with a love so deep that they wanted to be joined together forever.  I adored every moment of their wedding day. They are truly two beautiful people and it was a wonderful wedding!

Sun and smiles

If you take Grange Beach, Adelaide a beautiful spring morning and add in Amanda, Nathan and their two gorgeous boys Hayden and Jack it turns out to be a great morning filled with fun. In between chasing waves and building sandcastles I snapped away and captured what was a family full of love and laughs.

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