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A-tishoo and a smile or two {sneak peek Chris and Elissa}

You might wonder where this title comes from… But take your mind back to days when you would play ring and round the rosy or kisschasy. Where you would laugh with your girlfriends and dream that one day you would marry that boy you hoped would come chasing you. Elissa and Chris’s wedding day was a little like this. There was lots of girlie giggles, mostly from the gorgeous bridesmaids, and the little girls danced around our beautiful bride and played all day long.  The idealic settling of Mylor in the Adelaide Hills adorned with giant balloons and a glistening sun acted as a backdrop to this stunning event. When Chris and Elissa shared vows to each other and their son Jay the kids played and I happily clicked away to capture this truly delightful day.

Work or Play?

Since Grace was less than a day old a lens has always been pointed in her direction. I can’t help it nor do i want to, photographing this pint sized ball of scrumptiousness is one of my greatest pleasures!!  When the camera comes out Gracie knows that its play time with Aunty Carly and this was certainly the case when we recently went on a mini break down SA’s gorgeous coastlines. We frolicked on the beach, played hide and seek and enjoyed a delightful sunset and captured some of the many faces of this true delight along the way.

Enjoy looking!!! (We sure enjoyed taking them).

Teddy Bears and Tutu’s

Take a beautiful little girl named Zoe, add in a tutu, some nursery rhymes and a teddy bear and you get pure gorgeousness!

Sleeping Smiles

When I recieved the call from Helen to come photograph her little 5 week old bundle of scrumptiousness James I was delighted. Newborn photography is one of my favourite things!

The time spent with Russel, Helen and James was a delight. James is such a social little man, even through extreme tiredness he wanted to look at us with his gorgeous big eyes and be part of the action but eventually the eyelids were to heavy and what came about were some of the most serene sleeping smiles!

Here are just a few of what was a shoot of great shots.

Sun and smiles

If you take Grange Beach, Adelaide a beautiful spring morning and add in Amanda, Nathan and their two gorgeous boys Hayden and Jack it turns out to be a great morning filled with fun. In between chasing waves and building sandcastles I snapped away and captured what was a family full of love and laughs.

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