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Michael and Melanie {sneak peek}

There is something special about getting swept away with all the beauty, detail and love of a wedding day. Michael and Melanie’s wedding was just that, I felt taken away into another era where girls wore pretty gloes and skirts and boys asked you to waltz. Melanie set the scene of her wedding day perfectly from the beautiful cathedral, fresh aromatic bouquets, home cooked goodies for all their guests and beauty everywhere you looked. She beautifully weaved their heritages into the day from the pinning of rosemary to represent true love to being adorned with ribbon as they took the dance floor as husband and wife. Amidst the fine detail it was the love story of Melanie and Michael that truly spoke, there were so many giggles and glances that all told a story, the story of young sweethearts with a love so deep that they wanted to be joined together forever.  I adored every moment of their wedding day. They are truly two beautiful people and it was a wonderful wedding!

A-tishoo and a smile or two {sneak peek Chris and Elissa}

You might wonder where this title comes from… But take your mind back to days when you would play ring and round the rosy or kisschasy. Where you would laugh with your girlfriends and dream that one day you would marry that boy you hoped would come chasing you. Elissa and Chris’s wedding day was a little like this. There was lots of girlie giggles, mostly from the gorgeous bridesmaids, and the little girls danced around our beautiful bride and played all day long.  The idealic settling of Mylor in the Adelaide Hills adorned with giant balloons and a glistening sun acted as a backdrop to this stunning event. When Chris and Elissa shared vows to each other and their son Jay the kids played and I happily clicked away to capture this truly delightful day.

A match made in Heaven (sneak peek)

For over two years now I have known this day was coming. Even before Ellen and Dan had set romantic eyes on each other I had a hunch that before I returned home from overseas Ellen would meet the man of her dreams. I even told this to Ellen the last time we enjoyed a cup of tea together before I hopped on a plane set for Africa. So when I checked my facebook messages and sitting in my inbox was a message from El’s with the subject saying  “You told me so….!!” I immediately knew what it meant. All I needed to know was who was this special man who had captured El’s heart…. Thankfully my mind was put to rest and my heart skipped a beat when I read the words “and it’s Dan.”

Since then I have seen love bloom, faith grow and a relationship blossom that will make its mark on the world with a twinkle in its step and so much love to share with this world. They are the perfect coming together of two people, It’s almost as if someone planned it that way! For their wedding this was just the case! Dan with his love of all things urban, coffee and professional polish and Ellen with her love of all things pretty, sweet and the finer details of life. I knew that with camera in hand I would capture the beginnings of a beautiful story for the ages.

Enjoy xoxo

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