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Kimberley + Bradd

Kimberley and Bradd’s wedding was a true delight in my wedding season for many many reasons. Firstly when Kimmie is an absolute stunner, secondly her smiles are endless, thirdly the bridal party was definitely one of the funniest and most photo loving I have ever had, fourthly I got to shoot the wedding with a good friend and great photographer Nicole Cordeiro. Since there were two of us it meant I got to play and get all those fun outrageous and playful shots I love! I do this anyway but when that is your job for the day it makes for one happy photographer who even played  videographer for some harlem shake antics and was one of the best wedding dance floors ever!

I truly adored this day, laughed until my cheeks hurt and am so delighted to share the joy with you…


Carly xoxo

P.S make sure you scroll right to the bottom to see the videos!


Harlem Shake from Stirling Photography.

Kimmie Bradd the dance floor from Stirling Photography.

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